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Clubs and Societies

Marist English Language Society

The Marist English Language Society was set up in 2010 to provide the pupils an avenue to express themselves through words and actions.  Pupils will develop self-confidence, self-motivation and self-discipline through the activities that are conducted. Every session in drama class is an opportunity to nurture spontaneity in pupils and develop in them the ability to think on their feet.  

Pupils also benefit through group processes as they acquire the understandings and abilities such as listening, expressing and initiating ideas, negotiating, problem-solving, decision-making and consensus-building. Pupils are also provided with the platform to participate in competitions and performances which will boost their confidence and showcase the abilities and skills acquired.


Marist Book Club

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." - Jorge Luis Borges

Don't you just love to lose yourself in the world of a novel, to become best friends with a character, or to curl up in a cozy corner, wrapped in the deliciousness of a book?

Reading is a joy. It is a time of adventure, of exploration, or of just enjoying a good story. Last year, we focused on books that were made into movies such as "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", "Spiderwick", "A Series of Unfortunate Events" and "Tintin". Members had a chance to do research on the books using the computers in the library, do related craftwork as well as watch the movies. Through such activities, the Marist Book Club hopes to promote a love for reading among our pupils.



Chess Club

MSHP Chess Club aims to develop the use of higher-order thinking skills. The members analyse their actions and consequences and hence visualise future possibilities. The club also targets to build confidence in its members by providing them the opportunity to participate in national competitions.

Every year, several members represent the school in the National Schools Individual Chess Competitions and the National Inter-Schools Team Chess Championships. They have made the school proud by clinching the top positions in their respective categories in the competitions.


Chinese Speech & Drama Club

The Marist Chinese Speech & Drama Club strives to develop the pupils’ confidence, imagination and fluency in Chinese Language through the exciting medium of crosstalk and drama.  Pupils are motivated to think and articulate confidently. Consequently, they will develop clarity in speech and gain confidence in speaking the language.



Chinese Writers' Club





Marist Maths Club

The Marist Maths Club provides enriching and meaningful experiential learning through hands-on experiments and activities incorporating various topics from Mathematics. Workshops and learning journeys are organised for pupils to promote their interest and enhance their learning.     


Marist Science Club

The Marist Science Club provides enriching and meaningful experiential learning through hands-on experiments and activities incorporating various topics from Chemistry and Physics. Workshops and learning journeys such as MindFest 2013 and Singapore Science Festival 2013 are organised for pupils to promote their interest and enhance their learning.     


Photography & Videography Club

The objective of the club is to teach basic photography and videography skills and knowledge to our members. Members are given hands-on experience through school events and weekly meetings. The pupils use computers to edit and create images to present their unique work in creative ways.



Robotics Club

The Robotics Club was set up in 2007 to stimulate pupils’ critical and creative thinking and prepare them for future challenges. Pupils learn to collate, integrate and organise research information from the disciplines of science, mathematics and information technology. They work in teams to design, create and program a robot of their own with a mission challenge.

Pupils are exposed to various competitions. These competitions provide a platform for the pupils to showcase their skills in overcoming obstacles and completing missions.



Marist Science Garden Club

The Marist Science Garden Club believes in equipping our members with the necessary knowledge and skills in gardening such as landscaping, hydroponics, composting and plant propagation. We give our members many opportunities to work in teams and we entrust them with responsibilities.



Chinese Chess Club

海星中国象棋学会Marist  Chinese  Chess  Club