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Term 1 - 8 January 2015



8 Jan 2015


Dear Parents/ Guardians,


Greetings from Maris Stella High School and Happy 2015!  We also welcome our Sec 1s to the Marist Family!  Our Theme for this year continues to be the Joy of Learning.  We aim to develop our Marists to be Aspiring Learners, who find joy in the learning process.  We encourage parents to promote this love of learning at home by talking with your son about school and their many learning experiences in class and during CCAs.


Our Term 1 letter will provide you with information pertaining to key school activities.


1.              STAFF MATTERS


New Key Personnel Appointment

We are pleased to announce that there are new key personnel appointments in Maris Stella High School.


Head of Dept (Ag) / ICT  

Mr Low Hwang Chee

Subject Head / English Language

Ms Angela Chew

Senior Teacher / Mathematics

Mrs Alice Long


The details of our HODs, Subject Heads / Level Heads are attached in Annex A.


New Staff joining the school


We welcome the following new staff to the Marist Family


Mr Lam Chern Yang        

Humanities Department

Ms Tan Yen Leng    

English Language Department

Ms Khoo Milly  

English Language Department

Mr Yeo Han Rong Alex  

Mathematics Department

Mr Chan Weng Cheong Ezzy 

Science Department

Ms Farrah Diba   

Science Department


We would also like to announce that our former Head of Dept / ICT Mr James Peh has been promoted to Vice-Principal at Cedar Primary School.  We wish him all the best.



2.              STUDENT PROGRAMMES


Secondary One Orientation and CCA Maze

As part of their Marist Experience, the Sec 1 students will go through the Marist Orientation programme from Mon, 5 Jan to Fri, 9 Jan 2015.  All Sec 1 parents and guardians are cordially invited to attend the Sec 1 Welcoming Ceremony cum Campfire, which will be held at the Primary Section Basketball Court at 6.15pm, Fri, 9 Jan 2015.


Sec 2 and Sec 3 Camps

The Sec 2 and 3 students will have their annual camps from Wed, 7 Jan to Fri, 9 Jan 2015. The Sec 2 Adventure Camp will be held at Sembawang PA Water Venture, and the Sec 3 Bonding Camp will be held at Safra Yishun. The level camps allow for teachers and students to bond over an experiential setting, and are designed to build resilience, camaraderie and teamwork in our Marists. 


Sec 1 Catholic Camp

There will be a Sec 1 Catholic Students' Camp held in the school from Fri, 16 Jan to Sun, 18 Jan 2015. The theme of the camp is "The Call Of Christ." (Matthew 11:28-30) Marist Brothers, Bro. John Lek, Bro. Paul Ching, together with our Marist old boys will be some of the presenters at this camp. All Catholic Sec 1 students are required to participate in this camp while Sec 1 non-Catholic students are most welcome to attend as well. Please refer to the forms given in the Sec 1 folder for more details. 


Year Head and Assistant Year Heads

To deliver a quality school experience and help promote the school theme of Joy of Learning, we are pleased to introduce our 2015 Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads. 



Year Head / Assistant Year Heads

Sec 1

Ms Sylvia Goh (HOD Yr Hd)

Miss Tao Yi Jun (A Yr Hd)

Ms Windran Neo (A Yr Hd)

Sec 2

Ms Florence Lim (Yr Hd)

Mr Tan Lin Chuan (A Yr Hd)

Sec 3

Ms Toh Ling Ling (Yr Hd)

Ms Lee Shiao Pey (A Yr Hd)  

Sec 4

Mr Jeremy Wong (Yr Hd)

Ms Shariffa Aminah  (A Yr Hd)


The Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads will be working closely with Form Teachers to look into pastoral care for students and design activities for each academic level.




The school would like to introduce our PSG Coordinator, Mr Vincent Tan.  Vincent also helms the Fathers@Maris Stella which conducts regular family activities and parenting talks.  The team of PSG volunteers also organizes regular activities for parents to enrich Marist school experience and support school activities.  Parents who are interested to join or learn more about the PSG can contact Vincent at the following email: mshspsg@gmail.com .


4.              KEY DATES FOR TERM 1



School Event

5 to 9 Jan (Mon to Fri)

Sec 1 Orientation Programme

6 Jan (Tue)

Sec 1 CCA Roadshow

7 to 9 Jan (Wed to Fri)

Sec 2 and 3 Level Camps

6 Feb (Fri)

Sec 2 Subject Combination Talk

16 Jan (Fri) to 6 Feb (Fri)

Sec 4 Common Test

18 Feb (Wed)

Chinese New Year Celebration

19 to 20 Feb (Thu to Fri)

Chinese New Year (Public holiday)

24 Feb to 2 Mar (Tue to Mon)

Sec 3 Common Test

26 Feb to 27 Feb (Thu to Fri)

Sec 1 and Sec 2 Common Test

12 Mar (Thu)

Parent Teacher Meeting 1 (1 p.m. to 5 p.m.)

13 Mar (Fri)

Cross Country


Your partner in education


Mr Joseph Lim




School Executive Committee





Mr Joseph Lim



Mr Tom Chan

Vice-Principal (Curriculum)


Mr Tan Ching Huat

Vice-Principal (Curriculum)


Mrs Cinthia Ng

School Staff Developer          


Mr Kwok Weng Yee

Dean Pupil Development


Ms Yuan Feng

HOD CL / SAP                        


Mrs Elenda Loh

HOD Mathematics


Mr Alfred Loo

HOD Science


Mr Edmund Goy

HOD Humanities


Mr Suresh Sivakadacham

HOD PE / Aesthetics   


Mr Koh Yew Kiat



Mrs Sylvia Roche

HOD Year Head


Mr Low Hwang Chee

HOD (Acting) / ICT


Mrs Marissa Champion

Level Head / English Language


Ms Angela Chew

Subject Head / English Language


Mr Li Yan Hong

Level Head / Chinese Language


Mr Teng Chai Chew

Level Head / Mathematics


Ms Lee Kim Hong

Subject Head / Chemistry


Ms Vanessa Tan

Subject Head / History            


Mr Chong Shao Hong

Subject Head / PE


Mr Jeremy Wong

Subject Head / Pupil Development


Ms Toh Ling Ling

Subject Head / Staff Development


Ms Florence Lim

Subject Head / Bicultural Studies


Mr Tan Xian Jing

Subject Head / ICT



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