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Term 2 - 6 May 2016




6 May 2016


Dear Parents/Guardian


Thank you for the kind words of support in reply to my first email.  My team and I are encouraged by the support shown by parents for Marists and their education.  Term 2 is an exciting term for both Marist and teachers with many programmes conducted for Marists and I would like to share some updates regarding them with you.


1.     Cross Country & Sports Day

The Cross Country initially not in the school calendar was reinstated after positive responses from Marists indicating a strong interest for the event. True to the promises made by Marists, the participation was high and Marists gave their best to complete the run. We are also encouraged by the presence of parents who came and run alongside or cheer for their sons.  We are happy to congratulate Francois House for clinching the House Challenge.


The Sports Day is one of the full school events that brings both the primary and secondary sections together. This year to encourage mass participation of Marists, a games segment was introduced to complement the Track events. The games played included frisbee, soccer, and modified captain’s ball. To prepare for the Sports Day, House Captains from the secondary section held a house meeting to teach their juniors their house cheers and build camaraderie. Indeed they did a great job as evidenced by the high school spirit experienced by all during the event. Congratulations to Chanel House for winning the House Challenge.


We would like to record our appreciation to the PSG parents from the primary section for helping out as road marshal as well as PSG parents from both sections for gamely taking part in the Novelty Race.  We apologise for not being able to invite more parents due to the space constraints at the stadium.


2.     Secondary 3 Bonding Camp

The Secondary 3 cohort completed their 3 Day 2 night camp at the end of Term 1. The camp saw the Marists building new friendships and fostered strong camaraderie through the various activities. Held at SAFRA Yishun, the Secondary 3 cohort experienced high rope challenges, sea activities and enjoyed a campfire at the end. The activities were designed to bring the boys together as a class and unite them as seniors of the school for the challenging two years ahead. 


3.     Education & Careers Seminar for Secondary 4 Marists

Held on 9 March 2016, the seminar sought to expose students to various educational pathways after their GCE ‘O’ level examinations. Several JCs and Polytechnics were present to share their programmes as well as address queries. The keynote speaker was Mr Marcus Tan, founder of the online web portal Carousell. This provided inspiration and motivation for the students, as he shared his reasons for success - discipline, hard work and humility. Marists were able to gain some insights into the world of entrepreneurship, and have a clearer vision on the next lap of their education after the GCE ‘O’ level examinations.                                                                 


4.     Good Friday Celebration & Agape Meal

As a Marist family, we observed the season of Lent with special morning prayers and it culminated in our Maundy Thursday Observance for the whole school.  Following the Year of Mercy theme - Be Merciful Like Your Father - we saw the acts of servanthood where the school leaders, teachers and students took part in the washing of feet that morning.  The theme was also highlighted through skits and songs put up by both staff and students. The experience for the Secondary Fours was deepened through the mass partaking of a simple meal during their Agape Meal.  As a family that prays together, we also celebrated together the great feast of Easter on Easter Monday morning, where all staff and students were delighted with their little Easter treat. We give praise and thank God for his continual blessings upon us, the Marist family.


5.     Updates on Achievements

In this term, Marists continued to train hard for their CCAs and subject-related competitions exemplifying the school values in their pursuits.  We are very proud of Marists for their achievements in the following areas:


a.     Science

        i.     Awarded Chapter of Clinician Scientist prize at the Singapore Science and Engineering                  Fair (SSEF) 2016 organised by Science Centre.

        ii.     Achieved the Gold Award in the Elementz Life Science Conference and Exhibition                    organized by Anderson Junior College. Our Marist team was one of the 11 teams               which won the Gold Award to be selected to present at the conference out of the 60                 Secondary school teams which participated in the competition.

        iii.    Won the A* STAR Award  by Agency for Science, Technology and Research


More details are found in Annex 1.


b.     CCA

Marists continued to train hard and have done very well in their CCA and we would like to share the details of their fine achievements with you.  Please refer to details in Annex 1.


6.     GCE ‘O’ Level Chinese Language Paper

Sec 4 Marists will be taking the GCE ‘O’ Level Chinese Language (CL) Examination written paper on 30 May 2016 (Monday). The Chinese Listening Comprehension Examination will be conducted on 19 July 2016 (Tuesday) and the Chinese Oral Examination will be on 1 to 18 July 2016, HCL Oral Examination will be held on 25 July 2016 to 25 August 2016. We wish to encourage our Sec 4 Marists to work hard and start preparations early.  Their preparations should include being on task about homework, reading widely to expand their Chinese vocabulary and watching the Chinese news to stay in touch with current affairs.  The CL teachers are working with them to ensure that they are well prepared.  We encourage parents/guardians to support their efforts by ensuring that their sons/wards attend remedial lessons when required. 


7.     Grade Enhancement Programme (GEP) for Secondary 4

The Grade Enhancement Programme (GEP), aimed at providing academic support to help selected Marists to better prepare for their coming ‘O’ Level examinations commenced on 10 February 2016.   A schedule has been given to Secondary 4 Marists, indicating the subjects they have been allocated to attend. These sessions are compulsory for the selected Marists as we help them to tackle their basic understanding and we seek parents’ continued support to ensure that your sons, if selected, attend the sessions.


8.     ICT in MSHS 

a.     Upgrading of 21st Century Classrooms

The school has recently refurnished the 21st Century Classrooms for students' learning. The classrooms are designed and used to promote self-directed as well as collaborative learning.


b.     Lower Secondary ICT Programmes

The Secondary 1 ICT Programme aims to expose students to the different applications used in daily life for work and study. Some of the applications include Microsoft Office applications, Google applications, Macintosh applications such as iMovie, Garageband, etc. The Secondary 2 programme aims to develop the computational thinking for the students and learn basic programming. Scratch Programming is the focus for the Secondary 2 students where they design games using basic block coding. With the programme, Marists learn to think through the design process to achieve the objective of the game project.


9.     Examination Matters

The Semestral Assessment 1/Prelim Examination 1 started on 27 April 2016 and would end on 13 May 2016. Marists have been informed to report to school at the usual time for morning assembly and would be dismissed at the end of the paper during the examination period. Students who are absent for any paper due to medical reasons must submit a valid Medical Certificate (MC) to their Form Teacher immediately upon their return. Failure to produce a valid MC will result in a zero mark for the particular paper.  Letters from parents will NOT be accepted. Any other reasons for exemption will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Please visit MSHS exam website at http://exams.mshs.edu.sg  for Exam Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and information on examination topics and format.


10.  Events & Activities for rest of Term 2

As we aim to nurture Marists holistically, there are a number of programmes planned for Marists after the SA1/Prelim1 beginning with 17 May.  Do refer to the table of events (Annex 2) attached at the end of this mail.



Thank you and we look forward to partnering you as we nurture Marists to realise their potential.



Yours Sincerely,



Mrs Woo Soo Min


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