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Term 4 - 07 October 2015



Dear Parents/Guardians,


Appointment of New Principal to Maris Stella High School


Warmest greetings from the Marist Family!


1. This letter informs you and your son / ward on the appointment of a new Principal for Maris Stella High School. The Ministry of Education's process of appointment and rotation of Principals allows schools the benefit of fresh perspectives and innovation from new leadership.


2. Maris Stella High School welcomes the appointment of Mrs Woo Soo Min as the school's new Principal with effect from 15 Dec 2015. Mrs Woo is currently Principal of Pasir Ris Crest Secondary and will bring her wealth of experience on school leadership and school development.


3. I will be assuming a position at Schools Division in the Ministry of Education. During this period of transition, I will be working closely with Mrs Woo to facilitate smooth leadership change and laying the group work for even more best best learning experiences for our Marists.


4. I would also like to extend a special note of thanks to parents and guardians from both the primary and secondary sections for your tremendous support. I will be writing a year end letter for 2015 and that will serve as a little tribute note to the staff, parents and other stakeholders of the Marist Family. 


5. On behalf of all at Maris Stella High School, we welcome Mrs Woo to the Marist Family and we look forward to her leadership. I trust you will support Mrs Woo in her work to bring Maris Stella High School further on its journey towards excellence.


Your partner in education,


Mr Joseph Lim


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