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Term 4 - 18 September 2015


18 September 2015


Dear Parents/ Guardians


Welcome back to term 4. As we enter the last lap of the school year, we would like to seek your support in encouraging your sons/wards as they take their end of year examinations and to participate in the post-exam activities designed for them to gain new skills and strengthen their friendships.

Over the course of Term 4, we will be gathering student feedback through student FGDs with Principal as well as the student council led forums. This is one opportunity for Marists to give ideas for school improvement!


1. Haze safety precautions

Our school has in place a set of haze management plans and is ready to implement the appropriate haze management measures as required. Students are strongly encouraged to drink more water and those with pre-existing respiratory conditions are reminded to inform their Form Teachers accordingly and have their medication with them at all times.


2. Secondary 4 Programmes (before and after 'O' Levels)

The school is behind the Sec 4 students prepare for their coming GCE 'O' Level examinations, as such, we have prepared several programmes to assist students in this final lap and to send them off for the high stakes examinations.


9-Day Novena for our Secondary 4 Students 2015 - 21 Sept to 1 Oct

We will be conducting a 9-Day Novena to pray together as a Marist Family. We thank the Marist Chaplaincy Team for the parent's devotion in preparing and conducting the novena, a great show of their support and love for our Marists in empowering them spiritually and emotionally for this important milestone in their life. The spiritual preparations will culminate with the Sec 4 Graduation cum Exam Mass.


Last day of school - 2 October 2015, Friday. We will be carrying out an Examination Mass as well as a prize giving to send off and motivate the Sec 4 students as they gear up for the O-Level examinations. The theme of the Mass and the prize presentations is "Acheive". It is to remind students to be dilligent and focused in preparing for the GCE 'O' Level Examinations.


Leavers' Ceremony - This will be a formal event helf in school on Sat 14 November, after the S4s have completed their O-level examinations. The event is for Marists, their parents and the school to come together for the graduation of the S4s. Students will be presented a testimonial and during this event, they will express their gratitude to parents and teachers for all the support throughout the years. The theme of Leavers' Ceremony is "Dream". This is to encourage our S4s to aspire to greater heights. More information will be provided as the day approached. We encourage all Fathers and Mothers to join us for this event!


Graduation Night - This will be held at Marina Mandarin Hotel on 16 November, Monday. This will be a good way to cap the Marist journey for our Sec 4 students! The theme of Graduation Night is "Believe". It challenges our students to have confidence and faith in their abilities and the future.


3. Updates on Student Achievements in Term 3


-National Schools Championship 'C' Division - 2nd position



5th National Inter-school 'C' Division Championship 2015 - Champion


Chinese Language Society

-37th National Chinese Calligraphy Competition 2015 - Merit Award

-9th Dunman High School Inter-school Theatresports Tournament 2015 - 2nd position

-Create Your Own Newspaper Competition 2015 - Honourable Mentioned Award


4. Globalisation Programme

The school provides our students with plenty of opportunities to participate in overseas trips and be immersed in new cultures and learning contexts. The upcoming Overseas Trips to be held at the end of the year (End October/November) are as follows:

No Name of Trip Department/CCA Estimated Dates Of Departure
1 Secondary 2 Overseas Immersion Trip to Xi'An, China Chinese Language 26 Oct - 8 Nov
2 Shanghai-Hangzhou Cultural & Immersion Trip Chinese Language 7 Nov - 13 Nov
3 Taiwan Exchange Trip Symphonic Band 30 Nov - 5 Dec
4 Combined Perak Adventure Trip to Perak, Peninsular Malaysia


St. John Brigade

Early November (final dates will be advised)
Students who have signed up for these trips will be further informed about the logistical and administrative details by their subject / CCA teachers.

5. Examination Matters

We commence out Semestral Assessment 2 (SA2) on 25 September. Students are advised to adopt good study habits early to prepare for these examinations.


The GCE 'O' Levels Written Examination is held from the 19th October, Monday til 13th November, Friday. We wish our Secondary 4 students all the best for the papers!


For more information on SA2 format, GCE O Levels timetable, subject syllabus, approved calculator and dictionaries, please visit the exam website at http://exams.mshs.edu.sg


6. 2 Weeks Secondary 3 Supplementary Programme

The school will be conducting a 2 weeks supplementary programme for all Secondary 3 students from 26th October, Monday to 6th November, Friday. These lessons will allow your son/ward to catch up on his work and prepare for the Secondary 4 year. We seek your support in ensuring that your son/ward is present for these lessons. We hope that this advance notification will help ensure your end of year vacation planning.


7. Upcoming Events

Term 4 is a busy and meaningful period for our Marists. Please refer to the attached calendar of school events.


S/No Dates/Period Activities/Programmes
1 24 Sep Public Holiday: Hari Raya Haji

25 Sep

1 Oct to 8 Oct

5 Oct to 8 Oct

SA 2: EL Paper 1 & HCL/ CL Paper 1 (Sec 1 to 3)
SA 2: Other papers (Sec 3)
SA 2: Other papers (Sec 1 and 2)
3 10 Oct
Marking Day for SA 2
Sec 1 to 3 students need not come to school
4 15 Oct GCE ‘O’ Level Science Practical Examinations
5 19 Oct Start of GCE ‘O’ Level Written Examination
6 19 Oct
Promotion Exercise for Sec 1 to 3
Sec 1 to 3 students need not come to school
7 20 Oct Submission of Sec 2 Subject Combination Form
8 23 Oct Last Day of school for Sec 1 and 2
9 26 Oct to 6 Nov Sec 3 Supplementary Programme
10 11 Nov Release of 2016 Sec 3 Subject Combination
11 10 Nov Public Holiday: Deepavali
12 14 Nov Sec 4 Leavers’ Ceremony
13 16 Nov Sec 4 Graduation Night
14 28 Nov Open House
15 4 Jan 2016 Start of new academic year 2016

Your partner in education,


Mr Joseph Lim


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