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Outdoor Activities Club (ODAC)

Mr Nicholas Koh, Ms Rafidah and Ms Liu Tong
Activity Schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays, 2.30 p.m. – 5.30 p.m. 
Courses and competitions are held on weekends.
Activity Venue: Rockwall Area
Key Activities (2012-2015):
Sep 2015: ODAC Camp Olympus
Jun 2015: Mount Rinjani Overseas Expedition (Lombok, Indonesia)
Mar 2015: 1 Star and 2 Star Kayaking Course (PA Water Venture Pasir Ris)
Nov 2014: Gopeng Adventure Overseas Expedition (Perak, Malaysia)
Oct 2014: Level 1 Sports Climbing Course (Yishun SAFRA)
Aug 2014: 1 Star and 2 Star Kayaking Course (PA Water Venture Pasir Ris)
Jul 2014: Hair For Hope in support of Singapore Cancer Foundation
Jul 2014: Dyslexia Association of Singapore Flag Day
Jun 2014: ODAC Camp URSA
Nov 2013: Loola Camp Overseas Expedition (Bintan, Indonesia)
Nov 2012: Mount Kinabalu Overseas Expedition (KK, Malaysia)
Student Achievements (2012- 2015)
Republic Poly Adventure Race: Darryl Thng, An Yiwei, Ian Pe (1st – 2013); 
Shawn Lim, Wu Hao, Guo Haoming (4th – 2013)
T-Net Club X Trail Challenge: Brendan Kor and Elton Mah (2nd – 2013)
National Vertical Marathon: An Yiwei (8th – 2012); Shawn Lim (2nd – 2014); 
Chong Zhihao (7th – 2014)
Temasek Regatta Dragonboat Competition: 5th (Plate Finals - 2014)
Activities/Programme Outline:
Outdoor Activities Club seeks to instil the spirit of adventure in every member 
through various outdoor activities such as rock-climbing, abseiling, kayaking and 
trekking. Members will go through a rigorous training programme, which includes 
weekly physical training, participation in compulsory outdoor skills upgrading such as 
Sports Climbing Level 1, 1 Star and 2 Star Kayaking Proficiency. As part of learning, 
all members are also encouraged to take part in external competitions to enhance their 
learning capacity and find meaning in their weekly training. Through various activities 
and courses organised for the members in this CCA, ODAC members are often very 
resilient, determined and disciplined leaders among their peers.