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2015 Marist IT Society (MITS)

As a CCA, MITS has actively participated in many different competitions through its two subdivisions, Apps and Media. In this year alone, MITS has managed to claim numerous accolades, owing to its students’ admirable determination.


In these competitions, students in MITS were given the opportunity to demonstrate the skills that they have learned during MITS sessions and to compete at the national level. Through these competitions, our students learn the value of teamwork and cooperation, which will be useful in their future careers. Students in MITS are also actively encouraged to participate in as many competitions as possible.


List of notable accomplishments:

National Olympiad of Informatics 2015

- 1 Silver

- 1 Bronze


National Software Competition 2015

- Finalist



National StrITwise Challenge-Game Show 2015

- Champion


National StrITwise Final Challenge 2015

- Champion


National StrITwise Challenge-The Final Competition 2015

- Champion


Singapore Digital Media Awards 2015

- Merit


National Climate Change Competition (NCCC) 2015

- Voted 2nd Position