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2015 North Zone Elements Science Fair

Around 15 Marists embarked on a year-long life science research project and gained first-hand experience from planning to conducting the experiments all by themselves. Through the project, the students were able to put their critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills to the test. They also collaborate very closely with their teammates on the different areas of their research project.


On 14th April 2015, the students participated in the North Zone Elements Science Fair held at Anderson Junior College. Two of the teams managed to clinch the Silver awards for the competition. The team members from 4Aloysius are Ryan Seah, Tan Ken-I, Michio Apollos, Michiryu Aquila and Joshua Tan as well as Chia Eik Chao, Dominique Poh, Zhao Chenyu and Zhao Zijun from 4Benedict.


Well done, Marists!