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2016 National North Zone Badminton Championships

The Maris Stella Badminton Team took part in the annual National North Zone 
Badminton Championships that was held in February and March 2016. Our B 
division Badminton team clinched the 2nd runner up position, while our C 
division clinched the 1st runner up position.  Through this competition, our 
players learned the values of determination and perserverance, especially 
when facing tougher opponents and overwhelming odds. They also learned 
the value of humility and sportsmanship: to play their best even when facing 
weaker opponents and to give their competitors their due respect and honour.
The team would like to thank our Coach for his 16 years of hard work building 
the team and for moulding our team players to become men of strong 
character and excellent etiquette. We would also like to thank Shengkai, our 
assistant coach and alumni and also our teachers Mr Tan, Ms Tao, Ms Quek 
and Mr Lee for their unwavering support and encouragement.