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Commemoration of Total Defence Day 2015





Total Defence Day (TDD) 2015 was commemorated with a Fire Extinguishing demonstration and hands-on session at the basketball court, to show our Marists some useful skills in times of emergency. This exercise emphasises on the notion that we should always be prepared and be resilient to future threats and changes.


A skit put up by our teachers and students narrating the life story of a Marist's grandfather further highlighted the importance of not taking the peace and prosperity of modern Singapore for granted. Not only was everyone highly engaged by the acting and content, students reflected on the values of resilience and hardwork, through the skit.


In addition, a TDD video featuring stakeholders of MSHS being interviewed regarding their knowledge about Total Defence, and a quiz conducted to test students as well, brought home the meaning of Total Defence, its importance and relevance to our lives!