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International Friendship Day 2015








MSHS commemorated the International Friendship Day 2015 on 6 April 2015. Celebration of this special event included a talk and an exhibition of photographs by Mercy Relief on their overseas relief missions, the sale of Sun Sun Bears and Loom Bands made by our Marists and a demonstration of how PedalPureTM - Portable & Robust Ultra Filtration Treatment System works. Proceeds from the sale of Loom Bands and Sun Sun Bears went towards supporting the work of Mercy Relief.


For the hall assembly programme, a presentation by Mercy Relief on their relief work in Philippines, as well as an interactive quiz were carried out. Lastly, a photo montage compiled from the entries submitted for the photography competition, Life of a Marist - Through your Lens and past photographs from our overseas cultural exchange programmes was featured.


Through the commemoration of International Friendship Day, we wish to spread the message of how as a small country, we continue to appreciate cultural diversity and embrace others from diverse backgrounds.