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News (Secondary) 2014-2017


Maris Stella High School is having our annual Open House on 25 November 2017 (Saturday) from 8.30am to 12.30pm. There will be a Principal's address (at 9.15am and 11.15am), guided tours led by our very own Marist Ambassadors and student performances. We look forward to sharing the Marist Experience with all of you!



National Story Challenge 2017 
全国故事擂台赛 2017

Individual - Champion

Team - Merit 



Arts Presentation for Drama 2017 - Certificate of Distinction 
Chinese Language Society 
青年节戏剧比赛 - 卓越奖



The debaters from English Literary Society (ELS) took part in the 2017 Singapore Secondary School Debate Championships earlier this year. They fought hard and successfully emerged as quarter finalists. The team members are:
Ernest Ang (3E)
Russell Lim (4J)
Nicholas Tan (3B)
Joshua Low (3G) 

Two of our debaters have also emerged as top speakers in the Upper Secondary division. 
Ernest Ang (3E) - Top 5 Speaker 
Russell Lim (4J) - Top 8 Speaker 

Despite facing challenges, the debaters showed tremendous resilience and strived hard together to achieve these excellent results. They exhibited the Marist values of Family Spirit and Love of Work and did the school proud!



The Inter-school National Scrabble Championship (ISNSC) is an annual competition organized by the School’s Scrabble Club. This year, a total of six teams from the English Literary Society (ELS) represented the school in both the ‘B’ and ‘C’ Divisions and achieved exemplary results:

‘C’ Division
Bowl Category (Individual)
Justin Fok (1I) - 2nd Runner Up

Plate Category (Individual)
Joshua Law (2B) - 2nd Runner Up

Plate Category (Team) - 3rd Runner-up 
Samuel Yeoh (1H)
Chan Mun Sheen (2F)
See Jian Yang (1C)
Dylan Koh (1C)
Chew Wei Wen (1G)

Plate Category (Team) - 1st Runner-up
Wong Quan Feng (1G)
Rick Yap (2G)
Samuel Sim (2H)
Lee Tze Shawn (1D)
Justin Fok (1I)

Cup Category (Individual) 
Darren Tan (2E) - 3rd Runner Up

Cup Category (Team) - 1st Runner-up 
Dylan Yak (2A)
Darren Tan (2E)
Jordan Low (2E)
Matthew Ryan Lenus (2F)
Joshua Law (2B)

‘B’ Division
Bowl Category (Team) - Champion
Jared Lim (4C) 
Gerald Tan (3C) 
Truman Chew (4G) 
Kynan Lau (4G) 
Ethan Tay (4C)

Plate Category (Team) - 3rd Runner Up 
Joel Lim (4J)
Darren Ho (3B) 
Xavier Ong (3C) 
Loi Jun Yan (4A) 
Jervin Ong (4D)

Plate Category (Team) - Champion 
Yeriel Nah (4B) 
Kynan Loh (4B) 
Tan Hsien Wen (4B) 
Chan Tze Hoe (3F) 
Olery Ng (4B)

Cup Category (Individual) 
Tan Hsien Wen (4B) - 2nd Runner Up
Olery Ng (4B) - Champion

These achievements are the fruits of the members’ dedication, hard work and passion. They faced strong opponents during the matches but with unwavering perseverance, they have managed to do the school proud. Well done, Marists!



MSHS NPCC Unit is pleased to announce that we have once again clinched the Gold Award for Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA) 2016. This is the unit's 18th consecutive Gold Award since 1999.

Station Inspector T G Hiew from Secondary 4A was also awarded the prestigious SPF-NPCC Badge. The SPF-NPCC Badge is a pinnacle award for any cadet. It serves to recognise a cadet's excellent leadership qualities, as well as his achievements and contributions.


Archery B DIV.JPG

Our archers competed in the National Inter-School ‘B’ Division Archery Championship 2017 organised by the Archery Association of Singapore (AAS). A total of 20 Secondary 3-4 archers represented the school in this competition and achieved excellent results.

50m Individual Recurve Category
Gerard Goh (3H) - 4th
Jerome Chng (4B) - Silver 
Tristan Mok (4J) - Gold

50m Team Recurve Category - Gold
Tristan Mok (4J)
Jerome Chng (4B) 
Gerard Goh (3H)

50m Individual Compound Category
Randy Yap (4A) - Gold

50m Team Compound Category - Gold
Randy Yap (4A)
Thanakon Foo (4I)
Ong Jay Tong (3C) 

Top 16
Caleb Ng (3G)
Lim Wei Bin (3D)
Marcus Lim (3H)
Chiau Choon Wee (4I)

The B Division archers emerged as Champions in the National Inter-School Archery Championship 2017 for the 7th consecutive year. Archery is never just a sport about shooting arrows; it teaches us to learn from our mistakes and not let it hinder us. Thus it is only through perseverance and sheer hard work that we have been able to attain a high level of performance in the competitions. Archers past and present supported one another throughout the competition and the Marist values of Determination and Family Spirit were evident.



This year, 48 students represented Maris Stella High School to compete in the National School Games Taekwondo Championships. In the months of training leading up to this competition, the Taekwondo members demonstrated diligence during their physically and mentally-demanding training sessions and displayed unwavering determination to overcome their personal limits.

The team were victorious during the Championships and attained the following achievements:
‘C’ Division Poomsae
Cheong Yuen Meng (2E) - Individual Gold
Heng Zheng Lin Dylan (1B) - Individual Silver 
White Belt Team - Team Gold
Red Belt Team - Team Gold 
Blue Belt Team - Team Bronze 
Poom Belt Team - Team Bronze

‘B’ Division Poomsae
Blue Belt Team - Team Bronze
Red Belt Team - Team Silver

‘C’ Division Kyorugi
Donald Oh (2A) - Individual Bronze
Lim Fang Zheng (2G) - Individual Bronze

‘B’ Division Kyorugi 
Tan Jee Chong (3H) - Individual Gold 
Jared Ee Rong Jun (4C) - Individual Gold
Terence Foo (4C) - Individual Gold
Pierre Lau Wan Cheng (4G) - Individual Gold
Waynne Song (4G) - Individual Gold
Yeung Hao Yin (4K) - Individual Gold
Trystan Chong (3I) - Individual Gold
Tan Ding Yang (3I) - Individual Gold
Tristan Foo Yong Fong (3A) - Individual Gold
Li Ruocheng (3C) - Individual Silver 
Victor Loh Zeng Cheng (4E) - Individual Bronze
Steven Andrew Enggrata (3I) - Individual Bronze

Overall, we emerged National Champions for ‘B’ Division Kyorugi!

The team showed tremendous resilience and truly felt like a family while working toward this competition as one, embodying the Marist value of Family Spirit.



The Sec 3 Bonding Camp aims to develop individual growth in leadership, resilience and respect for self and others through exciting outdoor activities. The learning framework of this camp focuses on cooperation and teamwork, highlighting the theme of ‘Family Spirit’. Fruitful debriefs of the activities were facilitated by the form teachers to link the relevancies of the activities to their school and CCA commitments. Activities like the campfire and outdoor activities were also structured to promote strong bonds between Marists and their form teachers.


The downpour did not dampen their spirits and they supported and encouraged one another to overcome difficult obstacles. Not only were their bonds strengthened after this camp, the Secondary Three students also learned important Marist values like diligence and family spirit.



Two teams of students, together with 58 teams from various schools, participated in the 18th Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition on 11 April 2017.

We are proud to announce that Team 1 clinched the Silver award. The team comprises of: 
Julian Chang Zhen Yang (4A),
Tan Gian Sen (4A),
Matthias Ong Jing Jie (4A), and 
Brandon Tan Jingkai (4A).

Team 2 also obtained the Certificate of Commendation. The team comprises of: 
Brandon Goh Zhuo Rui (4A),
Lim Yong Kang (4A),
Tan Ding Xuan (4A), and 
Perry Lim Xi (4B).

Both teams have been preparing for this competition since December 2016. They met up with their mentors almost every week at NIE, read up on research papers to obtain background knowledge, and met up regularly in the school's Life Science Lab to prepare for their presentation and poster. Despite facing countless setbacks, they have exhibited commendable perseverance and achieved excellent results!



Congratulations to our 'C' Division team who clinched the 3rd position in the National Table Tennis Championships 2017. The final match was full of heart-stopping action as our key players put on a great display of resilience and fighting spirit. We won eventually, with a final score of 3-2.

Well done, Marists!



On the 10th of March this year, our school held its Annual Cross Country Run at MacRitchie Reservoir. The Annual Cross Country Run allows both students and teachers to be physically active. Students were also able to build strong class spirit as they ran together as a class and with their form teachers.
As all runners were given electronic tags to record their run timings, students were able to represent their houses and contribute to their house's overall timing. Students showed the Marist value of Presence when they looked out for one another’s well being throughout the race. They also showed great resilience as they overcame fatigue and persevered to complete the challenging run. 


1. Badminton NZ 2017.jpeg

The Maris Stella Badminton Team took part in the annual National North Zone Badminton Championships that was held between February and March 2017.

The players trained very hard to prepare themselves for this competition. They put up a good fight during their matches and eventually, both our ‘B’ and ‘C’ Division Badminton teams clinched the 2nd-runner-up position in their respective category.

Through this competition, our players learnt the values of determination and perseverance, especially when facing stronger opponents and overwhelming odds. Humility and sportsmanship were displayed during the matches. They played their best even when facing weaker opponents and gave them due respect and honour.


Copy of CCA Team.jpg

Our ‘B’ Division players fought hard in this year’s Zonal Championships. Eventually, they achieved the 3rd place by winning the match against Nan Chiau High School with a score of 3-0.

Our ‘C’ Division team also persevered in a close fight against Catholic High School and emerged as the eventual winner, retaining their Championship title.

Congratulations to all the players for their effort!




节目一开场,小学同学给我们带来了惟妙惟肖的舞狮表演,紧接着海星中学华乐团为观众带来了精彩的新春乐曲,奏响了迎新春的乐章。诙谐逗趣的双口相声《DIY 电台》,让全校师生爆笑不断,也使学生们在幽默的氛围中感受了中华文化的魅力。


值得一提的是,本次新春庆祝活动中的亮点是由全校多名海星前校友共同参与录制的《新春祝福视频》。在视频中,校友们从世界各地向母校发来了新春祝福以及对海星师生的问候,这充分体现出海星的大家庭精神 ,海星全体师生在这温馨的大家庭氛围中,迎来了崭新的一年。


On the eve of Chinese New Year, all students and staff came together to celebrate this joyous festival. The whole school ushered in the Year of the Rooster with a variety of programmes during the concert. Some highlights included the surprise lion dance performance by a group of students from our Primary section, a performance by the MSHS Chinese Orchestra as well as the lively crosstalk performance by the Chinese Language Drama and Debate Society (CLDDS) that had everyone in the hall bursting into uproarious laughter. The concert ended on a high note with all students and staff singing to a medley of festive songs.

Exhibiting the school value of Love for Work, both students and teachers put in tremendous effort onstage and offstage. The school value of Family Spirit was also clearly evident in the three Chinese New Year videos produced by the Marist Digital and Media Club (MDMC). The heartwarming video featured ex-Marists around the world giving thanks and sending well wishes to their teachers. Not only did it send the important message of having gratitude, it also inspired the current Marists to pursue their dreams as they work hard in school.


NSE 2017 (2nd place team).jpg
NSE 2017 (4th place team).jpg



The National Science Experiment: Big Data Challenge is an inter-school competition co-organised by the National Research Foundation and the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Competitors had to analyze the data they collected and ask thought-provoking questions about the environment and daily travel patterns.

We are proud to announce that our school’s teams won the fourth and second positions at the finals:

Second Position:

Chan Dar Shyang (Sec 4B)

Koh Huai, Edan (Sec 4B)

Teo Hao Zhi (Sec 4B)

Gan Jia Jian (Sec 4C)

Fourth Position:

Ang En Ren, Ariel (Sec 4B)

Gavin Goh Jun Chong (Sec 4B)

Tan Hsien Wen (Sec 4B)

Lim Xi, Perry (Sec 4B)

Despite experiencing obstacles during the preparation for the competition, our Marists demonstrated a Love for Work by displaying perseverance and diligence throughout the entire competition. Both teams also helped and cheered each other on during the finals, displaying one of our important Marist values, Family Spirit.


IMG_3249 (1).JPG

In the first week of 2017, we welcomed our Secondary Ones to the Marist Family through the Secondary One Orientation Programme with the theme of ‘Transformation’. This programme aims to help our young Marists adapt to their new school environment and foster new friendships with their new classmates. The highlight of the Secondary One Orientation Programme 2017 was the Campfire Night, where proud parents graced us with their presence. 

The Secondary One Orientation Programme provided many opportunities for our young Marists to display care and concern for one another. Our Marist Values, Presence and Family Spirit, were exhibited throughout the Programme, for example, when the Secondary One students constantly looked out for one another, including their seniors, throughout the camp. 



Maris Stella High School (Sec) achieved commendable results in the 2016 GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations. Below are the overview of the results:

JC/ Polytechnic Admission


JC Admission


5 ‘O’ Level passes


(National: 70.4%)

The Class of 2016 did the school proud by achieving distinctions that are above the national distinction rate in the following subjects:

English Language

Literature in English

Literature in Chinese


Additional Mathematics




Science (Phy/Chem)

Science (Chem/Bio)

Combined Humanities

Computer Studies

Physical Education


With an impressive 42.3% of students who scored 5 distinctions and above in a cohort of 362 students, we are proud of our Marists who have excelled in their GCE ‘O’ Level examinations in 2016. Among the Marists who have performed well are some with PSLE T-scores that are below 220. Despite this, they have worked very hard and achieved good value-added results.


Number of Distinctions (A1/A2)

% of students

Number of students

5 or more



6 or more



7 or more



8 or more



9 or more



10 or more




Marists are committed to do their best in their CCAs as seen in the numerous accolades that they have received in the past few years. Despite managing a busy schedule of academic pursuits and CCA commitments, they have certainly lived up to their potential to achieve good academic and CCA results.


Congratulations, Class of 2016!




级学院/ 理工学院取分数上线






(全国: 70.4%)











合科学 (物理/化学)

合科学  (化学/生物)

















































15th Inter-School National Scrabble Championship 2016

Scrabble 2016
On 10 April and 21 April 2016, the Scrabble division of the MSHS English Literary Society participated in the Individual and Team finals of the annual Inter-School National Scrabble Championship (ISNSC). In total, 6 teams from the B and C division qualified for the finals. They put up a tough fight against the other competing schools, strategizing and working as a team in order to win each match of competitive Scrabble. After 5 rounds of intensive playing, we are proud to announce the following results:
B Division – Individual
Cup Category
Nicholas Lee (4B) - 3rd Runner-up
Toh Wei Hao (4G) – 1st Runner-up
Nicholas Hong (4K) -
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Band Performance at Istana Open House

The Maris Stella Symphonic Band was cordially invited to perform to the public at the Istana on 1 May 2016, Labour Day. The band also had the privilege to perform for the President of Singapore, Mr Tony Tan Keng Yam and First Lady, Mrs Mary Tan. It was a meaningful experience for many of these young and passionate musicians. They performed familiar xinyao melodies and displayed outstanding showmanship in front of an engaged crowd at the Istana. Through helping each other with
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NPCC UOPA Gold Award

The MSHS NPCC Unit is proud to announce that we have achieved the Gold Award for the UOPA for our 16th consecutive year. The Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA) is conferred annually by NPCC and is awarded by assessing the overall performance of NPCC school units in an academic year.
This award would not have been possible without the combined effort of cadets, cadet instructors and teacher officers. The cadets showed great teamwork and
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That Band Concert



The Maris Stella Symphonic Band, together with the Maris Stella Primary Brass Band and the Marist Stella Alumni Wind Ensemble, held a concert at The Esplanade on 18 March 2016. It was a memorable night for many of our young, budding musicians and it was an honour for the students to be playing in Singapore's leading performing arts centre. The band members were diligent and determined to raise their standard of musicality through regular practices. Despite

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Annual Cross-Country Run 2016



On the 1st of April, our school held its Annual Cross Country Run at Punggol Waterway Park. The Annual Cross Country Run is an important sporting event for our school as it allows both students and teachers to be physically active and fosters important teacher-student relationships.


This year, we introduced the Best Class Award to enhance class spirit and unity. The winning class for each level would be the class with the lowest average timing. All

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2016 National North Zone Badminton Championships

The Maris Stella Badminton Team took part in the annual National North Zone 
Badminton Championships that was held in February and March 2016. Our B 
division Badminton team clinched the 2nd runner up position, while our C 
division clinched the 1st runner up position.  Through this competition, our 
players learned the values of determination and
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Cross Country Achievements Feb-March 2016


Our Cross Country Runners have competed in several national
competitions in the past 2 months. They have been training hard 
for this year's competition season and have brought glory to Maris 
Stella High School. These are the achievements attained by our 
Cross Country Runners:
20th February: Wings Cross Country Championships 2016
Men’s Under-15 category – 6th
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2016 National Inter-School Table Tennis (North-Zone) Championships

The annual Zonal Table Tennis Championships took place between 20 
January and 12 February 2016 at Naval Base Secondary School. A 
total of 24 key players were selected to represent the school in both 'B' 
and 'C' division competitions this year.
We won the following awards during the Championships: 
'B' Division - Top 6
'C' Division -
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2016 National Schools Cross-Country Championship

Our Cross Country CCA Runners recently participated in the first local
cross-country race in 2016 organised by the Singapore Athletics 
Association on 6 February in Bedok Reservoir. Our Marists in the 
under-14 category ran a distance of 3.65km and the boys in the under-
18 category ran a distance of 4.6km. This race aims to prepare our boys 
for the National Schools Cross Country
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2015 GCE ‘O’ Level Results (2015年中四O水准会考成绩)

Maris Stella High School (Sec) achieved commendable results in the 2015 GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations. 
Below are the overview of the results:
JC/ Polytechnic Admission 99.2%
JC Admission 89.6%
5 'O' Level passes 97.5% (National: 73.7%)
The Class of 2015 did the school proud
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Congratulations, Mr Sean Lee Xu En!

At the Teachers’ Investiture Ceremony in July 2015, Mr Sean Lee, a Physics 
teacher from the Secondary section was awarded the Institute of Physics 
Singapore (IPS) Book Prize and the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal for 
attaining First Class Honours in the Bachelor of Science Programme. 
His achievements were featured in the National Institute of Education’s
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2015 Overseas Immersion Trip to Xi’an








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2015 Overseas Immersion Trip to Shanghai








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2015 Open House


Our school welcomed the public to our school’s Open House on 28 November 2015.


Visitors went on a guided tour by our Marist Ambassadors round the school. They were also invited to hands-on sessions at the various venues in school.


The visitors were also entertained by the performances put up by Chinese Festive Drum, Symphonic Band and Chinese Orchestra. 


2015 Marist Ironkid Biathlon


This annual event started since 1990 was held at the NTU Sport & Recreation Club for the 5th year. The 400m swim followed by a 3km run has been a signature event for all Marists. The House race is the first event of the day that saw 16 participants from the 4 Houses competing with one another. Each team of 4 participants has to swim and run together for the whole race. This year, the House race was won by the team from Francois House led by Secondary Two House

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2015 第八届全国中学生华语短片制作赛












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2015 Racial Harmony Commemoration


Racial Harmony in Singapore was commemorated in MSHS in a unique way this year. Unlike previous years, it was commemorated over a week's worth of activities that culminated in the all-time favourite Fun Food Fest that coincidentally fell on the eve of Hari Raya Puasa in July 2015.


The theme for this year was "Celebrating our Diversity, Commemorating our Unity", with food playing a pivotal role in driving home the idea of both unity and diversity in

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2015 MSHS Secondary School Experience (Post-PSLE)


MSHS (Secondary) organised a Secondary School Experience (Post-PSLE) for the MSHS Primary Six (P6) students on 27 and 28 October 2015.  The programme seeks to engage our P6 students to know more about life in the Secondary Section. Activities included learning about film making and creating ebooks, as well as the scientific principles behind Life Science. Students also gained hands-on experience in the techniques of playing the Chinese Festival Drums and the various

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2015 Prize Giving Ceremony and Principal's Farewell



During the prize giving ceremony, Marists celebrated the pursuit of excellence. Top students in each class and subjects were recognised, and served as role models for the rest of the cohort. At the same time, the students also understood that their success is due partly to the efforts of others. In the Principal's Farewell, the students lauded the contributions of the Principal in their development. This serves to remind them that their success tomorrow

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2015 Marist IT Society (MITS)


As a CCA, MITS has actively participated in many different competitions through its two subdivisions, Apps and Media. In this year alone, MITS has managed to claim numerous accolades, owing to its students’ admirable determination.


In these competitions, students in MITS were given the opportunity to demonstrate the skills that they have learned during MITS sessions and to compete at the national level. Through these competitions, our students learn the value

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2015 ICAS Mathematics


The ICAS Mathematics 2015 was conducted on Wednesday, 28 July 2015.


There were a total of 925 participants from Sec 1 to 4. We are pleased to announce that for this year, we have 34 Marists attaining Certificates of High Distinction, 227 Distinction, 342 Credit, 98 Merit and 224 Participation. In addition, 3 of our Marists did our school proud by clinching the medals for the Secondary 1 and Secondary 3 levels. The medal is awarded to the top

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[Sec] Secondary School Open House - 28 Nov 2015 (Sat)


Secondary School Open House

Date: 28 Nov 2015 (Sat)

Time: 8.30am to 12.00pm

Principal's Talk: 9.15am & 11.00am



Chinese Essay Writing Competition 海星散文创作大赛 2015


2015 4月我校了海星散文,比高年级组、低年级组以及公开三个,一共吸引了超100位同学参加,经过评审,有9位学生脱而出,得了三个的冠、、季奖项。他是:陶鸿 1G 2B、刘也淳 2B(低年级组)、吴伯  3B、朱嘉泰  3A  3A(高年级组)刘雨帆4B、周  4B靖洲  3B(公开)。通过这次活,同学提高了写作技巧,也了写作受益不浅。


2015 Teachers' Day Celebration

The Marist Family celebrated Teachers' Day on 3 September 2015. We had a great performance prepared by the Student Council and some Marists to start the day. There were song and piano performances, tribute videos to teachers produced by our student councillors and MITS members. There was even a solo dance performance of Michael Jackson's Dangerous as the finale. Marists continued to show their appreciation to their teachers during their respective class parties. All of us have a

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2015 SJAB First Aid Competition


The Maris Stella High School St. John Brigade took part in the First Aid Competition 2015 in June and through many months of training, our AA and AC Teams did well for the competition. Our AA Team clinched the first position after competing with other schools in Zone 10 and our AC Teams clinched both the second and third places. Our appreciation goes out to the officers who are ex-Marists who volunteered their free time to train the cadets, our teachers-in-charge

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School Closure Due to Worsening of Haze Conditions

Please be informed that school will be closed tomorrow due to worsening of haze conditions. Students will stay at home for Home Based Learning. Please refer to this website https://goo.gl/NfWzdr for eLessons or eresources for tomorrow.
The spreadsheet will only be available tomorrow at 8am.
Please also be informed that Sec 1 to 3 Papers will be postponed to next
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2015 Singapore Recreation Club Softball Championships



The Maris Stella High School Softball Team took part in the 2015 Singapore Recreation Club Softball Championships in May and through many months of tough training, both the ‘C’ and ‘B’ Division teams have done the school proud. Despite strong opposition from teams from all over Singapore, the ‘B’ Division Team achieved the 2nd runner up position while our ‘C’ Division Team came in Top 6 position in the Championships. Our

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2015 Teachers' Day Celebration at Maris Stella High School



Teacher's Day Dedication

Our Marist IT Society (MITS) created a video as a dedication to our teachers for Teachers' Day. Enjoy!


Wishing all teachers a Happy Teachers’ Day!

Celebrating SG50


The SG50 celebrations in Maris Stella High (Sec) sought to bring students and staff down memory lane and revisit some of the unique traits of being Singaporean. In addition, the activities also sought to help Marists to critically evaluate what we can do as individuals and as a team to bring about progress in Singapore for the next 50 years.


The celebrations kicked off in late July where students penned down their wishes for Singapore and these messages were

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National Inter-School ‘C’ Division Archery Championship 2015


Our lower secondary archers competed in the Fifth National Inter-School ‘C’ Division Archery Championship 2015. They came in 4th, 3rd and 1st in the 30m Individual Recurve Category. In the 30m Individual Compound Category, our archers made a clean sweep of the top three positions: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Our archers also won the much-coveted Gold medal in the following team categories: 30m Team Recurve and 30m Team Compound.


Most significantly, the

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57th Founder's Day



Our school’s 57th Founder’s Day was celebrated on 31 July 2015. Photographs of the event can be accessed through the following link

2015 North Zone Elements Science Fair


Around 15 Marists embarked on a year-long life science research project and gained first-hand experience from planning to conducting the experiments all by themselves. Through the project, the students were able to put their critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills to the test. They also collaborate very closely with their teammates on the different areas of their research project.


On 14th April 2015, the students participated in the North Zone Elements

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Commemoration of NCC Day


Our National Cadet Corps (Sea) Barracudas unit commemorated NCC Day on 15th July 2015. The parade consisted of flag marching and rifle drills. It was a demonstration of the values imparted from many generations of seniors: discipline, commitment and determination among many others. It was a symbolic moment that displayed the friendship manifested in many moments shared during training. It marks the 13th consecutive Gold Unit award that our Barracudas Unit has achieved. Our parade

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2015 Inter-school National Scrabble Competitions

The Maris Stella High School English Literary Society took part in the 2015 Inter-school National Scrabble Competitions. Our members have done the school proud after training hard for months leading up to the competition.


In the Individual event, 10 of them were ranked as the top players. 2 students even emerged champions in their respective divisions and categories.


In the Team event, Marists fought hard to clinch multiple awards. Our C Division Team 1 clinched

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The Chanel Media Resource Library Pupil Librarians’ VIA Project 2015


The Chanel Media Resource Library

Pupil Librarians’ VIA Project 2015


This year, our pupil librarians once again, for the fourth consecutive year, took on the VIA project of raising funds for the Tana River Life Foundation (TRLF) in aid of the Mitumba Project, Kenya. The Foundation was set up to assist the marginalised communities in Tana River and Lamu Districts of the Coast Province of Kenya through education and acqusition of livelihood skills. The main

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2015 NPCC Day


The Maris Stella High School (MSHS) National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) commemorated NPCC Day on 19 May 2015. Station Inspector Lionel Loo, Chairman of MSHS NPCC, read the NPCC Day message from Chairman, NPCC Council, Associate Professor Stephen Phua. The occasion also celebrated the 16th consecutive year that MSHS NPCC has achieved Gold for the Unit Overall Proficiency Award.





MSHS Archery Club


Our lower secondary archers competed in the First-Timers’ Championship 2015 where 3 of our archers emerged within the top 5 positions, clinching the Gold, Bronze and 5th position.


Our archers also competed in the Fifth National Inter-School B Division Archery Championship 2015. They came in 2nd in the 30m Individual Standard Category and won the much-coveted Gold medal in the following team categories: 30m Team Standard, 50m Team Recurve and 50m Team Compound

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Celebrating Sec One Marists' 100th Day in MSHS



Symphonic Band - Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation


The Maris Stella Symphonic Band took part in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation for Concert Bands on 2 April this year. We have been awarded the Certificate of Distinction, the highest accolade to be awarded for this prestigious nationwide competition. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents for their support in the days leading up to the competition!






Lent & Easter Programme in MSHS 2015








The theme for our Lent programme on Maundy Thursday was Mercy In The City. A play based on the gospel passage of Matthew 25: 34 - 40 was written and cast by the students themselves. Through the play, the school learnt about how they could show mercy to one another in the every day things that they do in school. After all, the bible tells us "Blessed are those who show mercy, for

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Chinese Orchestra









2015年4月27日,新加坡海星中学华乐团参加了新加坡青年节比赛。在这次比赛中,海星中学华乐团共演奏了两首曲目,第一首曲目是指定曲《捕风捉影II之红毛丹》,第二首曲目则是自选曲目《西北组曲之石板腰鼓》。经过激烈的角逐,最后海星中学华乐团果然不负众望,赢得了优秀奖证书(Certificate of

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2015 SPF-NPCC Badge Award






The SPF-NPCC Badge is the pinnacle badge for cadets in the NPCC. It is given to cadets who have good leadership qualities with outstanding contributions to both unit and NPCC HQ events. The MSHS NPCC Unit is proud to announce that we have 9 awardees this year for this prestigious badge.

2015 NPCC UOPA Gold Award






The Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA) is conferred annually by NPCC. It is awarded by assessing the overall performance of NPCC school units in an academic year. The MSHS NPCC Unit is proud to announce that we have achieved the Gold Award for the UOPA for our 16th consecutive year.


Through our years in NPCC, we have learnt many life values such as respect, dedication and discipline. These values are

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2015 Raffles Institution Humanities Challenge





Raffles Institution Humanities Challenge Our school has recently participated in the 2nd Raffles Institution Humanities Challenge. This challenge quizzes participants on their knowledge of topics from Geography, History, Literature, and Current Affairs. The theme “Link: Through Time and Space” aptly encompasses study of the Humanities which embodies the relationships and interactions among men, society and nature. The

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International Friendship Day 2015









MSHS commemorated the International Friendship Day 2015 on 6 April 2015. Celebration of this special event included a talk and an exhibition of photographs by Mercy Relief on their overseas relief missions, the sale of Sun Sun Bears and Loom Bands made by our Marists and a demonstration of how PedalPureTM - Portable & Robust Ultra Filtration Treatment System works

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Cross Country 2015

Members of our Cross Country team participated in the recent Akira/Swift Road Relay and Track and Field Championship 2015. As it was a team event, every member’s effort counted towards the overall timing and results. Everyone did their best, and encouraged  one another regardless of outcome. Through the competitions, our young sportsmen developed resilience and team work!

Akira/Swift Tan Soo Memorial Age Group Road Relay Championship 2015

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Commemoration of Total Defence Day 2015






Total Defence Day (TDD) 2015 was commemorated with a Fire Extinguishing demonstration and hands-on session at the basketball court, to show our Marists some useful skills in times of emergency. This exercise emphasises on the notion that we should always be prepared and be resilient to future threats and changes.


A skit put up by our teachers and students narrating the life story of a

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National Schools Bowling Championship 2015








For the past few months, members of our school bowling team have taken part in a number of bowling competitions. During this period, bowlers had to juggle between trainings, catching up with schoolwork, keeping up with assignments and tests. It was both physically and mentally challenging, but very rewarding for many of them. During the competitions, the bowlers found the experience

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2014 Marsiling Invitational Scrabble Tournament



Members of the English Literary Society participated in the 2014 Marsiling Invitational Scrabble Tournament on the 25th of October 2014.

The competition was held at Marsiling Secondary School, and after pitting against the top performing schools, the C Division emerged as champions, even attaining the Highest Game Score!

Through this competition, the boys learnt that with diligence and determination, they are able to achieve anything, no matter

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North Zone Table Tennis Championships 2015






Final Results:
'B' Division School Team - 4th position
'C' Division School Team - 2nd position
Our boys fought to their best effort and pushed our opponents to work hard for every single point despite the odds against us in the Finals.

As Marist sportsmen, they displayed determination to achieve the best results and resilience in defeat and loss. This lesson will be valuable as both

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2014 GCE ‘O’ Level Results


Maris Stella continues to do well. Many of the subjects continue to have distinction passes significantly higher than the national average. Below is the summary of some of our results. 


Subjects Performing Above National Average (% Distinction)

Congratulations to our Marists, Class of 2014!

ICAS Mathematics and Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) Competition 2014





A total of 973 participants from Sec 1 to 4 participated in the ICAS Mathematics 2014. We are pleased to announce that for this year, we have 25 Marists attaining Certificates of High Disctinction.


2 of our senior Marists did our school proud by clinching the medal for the Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 levels. The medal is awarded to the top student in Singapore for each level.


For the SMO Competition 2014, 299

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Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad 2014



Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad 2014


Our students have participated in the Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO) 2014 organised by the Singapore National Institute of Chemistry, in partnership with NUS High School of Math and Science. More than 2000 students from over 50 schools took part in the competition.


The SJChO exposes students to content knowledge and higher order thinking skills beyond the O-level syllabus. It marks

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Teachers' Day Celebration at Maris Stella High School


A Tribute to Our Marist Educators



Produced by the Marist IT Society (MITs)

2014 Lee Kuan Yew All-Round Excellence Award (LKY-ARE)



Lee Kuan Yew All-Round Excellence Award (LKY-ARE)


The Lee Kuan Yew All-Round Excellence Award (LKY-ARE) is a pinnacle award, standing at the apex of all existing national-level awards for achievement in education. It recognizes well-rounded students who have excelled in both academic and non-academic spheres, and who exemplify positive character development, strong leadership qualities and commitment to service to the community.


We are

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2014 Basketball 2nd Tier North Zone Basketball Competition






During the months of March and April 2014, the B division Basketball students took part in the 2nd Tier North Zone Basketball competition which is an annual competition organized by Presbyterian High School. Matches are played against schools in the North zone in a round robin challenge which can consists up to 10 matches. Through hard work and determination, our boys have emerged as Champions!!

2014 SJAB National First Aid Competition







The St John Ambulance Brigade Maris Stella High Corps trains our cadets to be responsible, disciplined and determined individuals. It is a Corps that values it's people and inculcates a spirit of camaraderie amongst the cadets and officers. We are supported greatly by our Alumni who serve as trainers and mentors to our cadets. The hard work put in has seen the Corps performing well at Zone and

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2014 North Zone Interschool Badminton Championships






Our school badminton team fought hard for the North Zone Interschool Badminton Championships. During the Finals at Monfort secondary school on 5 March 2014, our C division played against Monfort Secondary School and our B division team played against Bowen Secondary School. Both our C and B division teams fought brilliantly to clinch the 2nd-runner up, with our C division winning 3-2 against Monfort and B division

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2014 Archery Overall Championship


Congratulations to our ‘B’ Division archers! They emerged Overall Champion for the 4th consecutive year. Our archers won a total of 3 Individual Awards (1 Gold, 1 Silver and 3rd Runner-Up), and 2 Team Awards (1 Gold and 1 Silver).

30th January 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration



新年庆祝总结: “骏马奔腾喜迎春”,海星一年一度的新年庆祝在华乐团演 奏的欢快乐曲声中拉开帷幕。农历除夕一早,同学们都身着红衣, 海星中学像一片红色的海洋。红色在华人的传统习俗中代表着喜 庆,齐着红衣象征欢乐吉祥。礼堂中,所有的学生和全体教职工欢 聚一堂,迎新春节目表演和华人传统习俗知识竞赛交替进行。

庆祝会节目的一大特色是华文学会同学自编自演的群口相声, 使现场气氛热烈起来。真正将现场气氛推向高潮的是陶奕君老师带 领学生共同表演的武术。庆祝会接近尾声,海星舞狮团的队员们踏 着欢快的锣鼓登上舞台。舞狮是每年农历新年庆祝会最热闹的节 目。那两只色彩鲜艳、动作可爱的狮子,闪展腾挪,脚步齐整,步 调和谐,完成一个个高难度的动作。 最后的惊喜是财神登场,两个 由中三同学扮演的大头娃娃和财神一起走下舞台,向人群中抛洒金 元宝和钱币形状的巧克力,同学们都欢呼着接着这些新年的礼物。 在一片祝福声中,老师和同学们共同迎接新的一年到来,也将“骏马

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2014 NCC Free Style Exhibition Drill (Sea District) Competition Results


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Marist Inaugural Lunchtime Concert

Marist Inaugural Lunchtime Concert




As part of the Marist Arts Explorer Programme, our very first lunchtime gig was held on the 24th of April within the greenery of the Champagnat Green. It was a first for Ms Shen Jiahui and our students, Soong Tse Kiat, Justin Kuan and Benedict Kang to perform a medley of pop song for the Marist Family. Not only was the crowd able to enjoy the musical performances as they tucked in to lunch, they were also inspired

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Secondary 2 and Secondary 3 Level Camp



The Sec 2 and Sec 3 cohort successfully completed their 3 Day 2 Night camps. The Sec 2 camp included physical challenges and critical thinking elements to develop our Marists to be resilient and tenacious in overcoming difficulties. The Sec 3 Marist have built new friendships and fostered strong camaraderie through the bonding camp. They tried out various team building exercises and rope confidence courses that in turn lead to life-long friendships and

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Secondary 1 Orientation Camp and Induction



Our Sec 1 students concluded a successful Orientation Programme and Welcoming Ceremony. They are part of the Marist Family! The camp activities included enrichment programmes, a Community Involvement Programme, Chinese cultural games and a campfire. We are particularly impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of the Sec 1 students!

2013 GCE ‘O’ Level Results


Maris Stella continues to do well. Many of our subjects continue to have distinction passes significantly higher than the national average. Below is a summary of some of our results.

Subjects Performing Above National Average 
(% Distinction)








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