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Financial Assistant Scheme (FAS)

MOE FAS application info 2013 in Chinese.pdf

MOE FAS application info 2013 in English.pdf

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Students Accident Protection Scheme

Students Accident Protection Scheme 2013.pdf

School Time-Table

2018 Term 1 Time-table

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To access exams time-table and exams matters, please click here.

School Rules

1.1      School Uniform

1.1.1   Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform and modification of the uniform is not allowed

1.1.2   Pupils must tuck in and button up their shirts at all times while in uniform.

1.1.3   Pupils are not to fold up the sleeves of their shirts at all times while in uniform.

1.1.4   Pupils are not to be in ‘half-uniform’ i.e., wearing the uniform shirt with PE shorts, or the Marist singlet with the uniform shorts/ trousers at all times.

1.1.5   Upper Secondary pupils must ensure that their trousers are of the specified length and design as stated in the Marist Companion.


1.2      Footwear

1.2.1   Pupils are to wear ankle-length school socks with the school initials.

1.2.2   Pupils are to wear either white canvas shoes or approved sports shoes (i.e., predominantly white base with either black or dark blue stripes/design only).


1.3      School Badge & Name Tag

1.3.1   Pupils are to wear the school badge and their name tag at all times while in uniform.

1.3.2   The school badge must be worn above the breast pocket of the uniform.

1.3.3   The name tag must be worn below the school badge but above the breast pocket of the school uniform.

1.3.4   The pupil’s name on the name tag must be in accordance with the name in the class register.


1.4      School Tie

1.4.1   Pupils must wear the school tie every Monday, school functions, and any other occasion as specified by the school.

1.4.2   Pupils must button up the shirt collar before wearing the school tie. The school tie must be worn properly at all times.

1.4.3   The school tie must be treated with respect at all times.


1.5      School Belt (for Upper Secondary pupils)

1.5.1   Pupils must wear the approved school belt while in uniform at all times.

1.5.2   Only the approved belt buckle should be worn with the school belt.


1.6      School Singlet

1.6.1   Pupils are to wear the school singlet or any white singlet (without design) at all times while in uniform.


1.7      Hairstyle

1.7.1   Pupils are to keep their hair short, neat and well-combed. Hair when combed down should not touch the eyebrows or ears.

1.7.2   Pupils are not allowed to perm, dye or tint their hair.

1.7.3   Pupils must keep their hair at least 3 cm above the shirt collar with a sloped cut.

1.7.4   Pupils are not to gel their hair into any untidy and/or fanciful manner.

1.7.5   Pupils are not to sport a moustache / beard / long side-burns.


1.8      Fingernails

1.8.1   Pupils are to keep short and clean fingernails at all times.

1.8.2   Pupils are not to paint their fingernails.


1.9      Ornaments & Jewellery

1.9.1   Pupils are not to wear any form of ornaments or jewellery which are secular in nature while in uniform.

1.9.2   Pupils are to wear religious articles under the school shirt.


2.1      Pupils are to attend school regularly. A medical certificate must be presented to the form teacher without demand immediately upon return to school. A parent’s letter will not be considered as a valid excuse for the pupil’s absence. Failure to do so is truancy (refer to rule 12.1).

2.2      Pupils must attend all school events and any other event specified as compulsory by the school. Absence from these events must be covered only by a medical certificate. Failure to do so is truancy (refer to rule 12.1).

2.3      Pupils are considered late for school if they are not present with their classmates, outside the classroom, at the start of morning assembly (7.40 am).


3.1      Pupils are to be attentive at all times during lessons.

3.2      Pupils are not to leave the classroom without permission first from a teacher

3.3      Pupils are to bring all required textbooks, workbooks, exercise books, notes, reading materials and stationery to class according to their time-table.

3.4      Pupils are to submit all assignments / homework on time.

3.5      Pupils are not allowed to change their seats without permission from the teacher.

3.6      Pupils are not to eat food and snacks (e.g. sweets, chocolates, chewing gum, etc) in the classroom at all times.


4.1      Pupils must be punctual for lessons.

4.2      Pupils are to remain in their seats and to prepare for the following lesson.

4.3      Pupils are to refrain from shouting, talking and/or walking about.

4.4      Pupils are not to leave the classroom or visit the toilet without the prior permission of a teacher.

4.5      Pupils are not to go to the lockers during the change of period. All necessary lesson materials must be taken from the lockers in the morning before assembly or during recess.


5.1      Pupils are to assemble in an orderly manner outside their classrooms before walking as a class to any part of the school (laboratory, art room, music room, etc). Silence is to be strictly observed at all times.

5.2      Pupils are to walk quickly and take the shortest possible route to their destination.

5.3      Pupils are to obtain the “Excused-from- Class” tag from the teacher and pin it above the breast pocket of the school shirt before leaving the classroom. The tag is to be removed only upon returning to class. 

A pupil is deemed to be having a self-study period when he does not offer a particular subject and is required to leave his classroom during that period.

6.1      Pupils are to ensure that they have all the necessary materials before leaving the classroom.

6.2      Pupils are to walk quietly and quickly to the designated areas for their self-study. The Chanel Media Resource Library and the canteen are not designated areas for self-study periods.

6.3      Pupils are not to read comics, magazines or storybooks during self-study periods.


7.1      Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises without approval from the school at all times (refer to School Procedures).

7.2      Pupils must produce a medical certificate upon return to school. 


8.1      Pupils are to line up in an orderly manner outside the classroom after the first bell is rung. Pupils must be ready for assembly when the second bell is rung.

8.2      Pupils who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Pupils will take the Pledge with the right fist over the heart.

8.3      All pupils must sing the school song.

8.4      All pupils must recite the Marist Creed every Monday.

8.5      Non-Catholic pupils are to show their respect by keeping still and silent during morning prayers.

8.6      Pupils are to pay attention at all times during assembly. They are to stand still in a ‘senang-diri’ position during morning announcements.

9.1      Pupils are to observe silence when they enter the hall for weekly assembly or for any school events.

9.2      Pupils who are late for hall assembly must seek permission to enter the hall (refer to School Procedures).

9.3      Pupils are not to leave the hall at any time without permission from a teacher.

9.4      It is compulsory for all pupils are to attend hall assemblies as specified in the time- table. Failure to do so is truancy (refer to rule 12.1). 


10.1    Pupils must vacate their classrooms during recess time.

10.2    Pupils must return all cutlery to the proper receptacles after use. All unwanted food is to be thrown into the bins before returning the cutleries to the receptacles. 


11.1    Pupils must abide by all the terms of the AUP (refer to the AUP).


The following offences will be regarded as “serious offences”


12.1    Truancy

·    skipping lessons during curriculum time

·    leaving the school premises without approval

·    pupils not present where / when they 
are expected to be as instructed by their teachers

12.2    * Bullying

12.3    Verbal and/or physical intimidation of 
pupils and teachers.

12.4    Defiance towards teachers and student 

12.5    Vulgar and abusive language/gestures.

*  Definition: Verbal, non-verbal and/or physical threat of violence, intimidation and/or hurt towards a person; cyber-bullying

12.6    Dishonesty

·    cheating during class / continual / semestral assessments

·    forging parents’/guardian’s signatures

·    making false complaints / statements

·    deceiving teachers / student leaders

12.7    Smoking/possession of cigarettes and lighters.

A pupil found in possession of a lighter is presumed to be smoking or intended to smoke even though no cigarettes may be discovered at that point in time.

12.8    Possession of pornographic / banned materials.

12.9  Gambling.

12.10  Vandalism.


The following offences are regarded as “criminal offences”.

13.1    Secret society activities / gangsterism/ unlawful assembly.

13.2    Possession / consumption / trafficking of any controlled or banned drugs.

13.3    Possession of dangerous / illegal weapons e.g., dagger, dust-knuckles, bicycle chains, etc.

13.4    Physical assault / fighting with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

13.5    Extortion.

13.6    Theft / Shop-theft.

13.7    Making threats of bodily harm.

13.8    Any other offences regarded as criminal in nature specified in the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code. 


14.1    Pupils may wear PE shorts with any school T-shirt (other than the school uniform or CCA uniform) when they come back to school during weekends and/or during school holidays. Rules regarding shoes and socks apply.

14.2    Pupils must abide by the following rules on the use of handphones in the school.

·    Handphones can only be used during these times:

   -  Before 7.30 a.m. and after the last period of curriculum time

   -  Recess time

·    Handphones must be switched off between 7.30 a.m. and at the end of the last period of curriculum time and during school activities outside of these times.

·    Handphones can only be used in the Canteen and at the Porch.

·    Handphones must be kept in lockers when pupils are in the classrooms.

·    Handphones must not be used to 
compromise the dignity and well- 
being of teachers and pupils.

The school will not be in any way held liable and responsible for the loss of handphones and handphone-related 


Pupils must observe any new school rules, policies, practices, procedures and/or regulations implemented by the school administration and the Pupil Management Committee in the course of the year. These will be updated on the school portal.