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Aesthetics (Art)

The Aesthetics (Art) Department aims to:
  • Build a foundation for Marists to appreciate Art;
  • Develop a holistic Art curriculum that nurtures Marists to appreciate Art in the way they talk about, respond to and have the knowledge about Art; and
  • Develop Marists to communicate ideas and express themselves confidently through Art.

To achieve the Department’s goals, the following programmes are offered:
  • 6-year Visual Arts Programme – a close alignment of pedagogical practices, assessment practices and the Revised Art Syllabus 2018 at each level
  • Let’s Talk About Art Week
  • Art Ambassadors Programme
  • P1 PAL Visual Art Programme
  • P2 Chinese Calligraphy Module
  • P3 Chinese Painting Module
  • P3 Our Class Banner Doodle Project
  • P4 Ceramics Module
  • P4 Dragon Kiln Tour
  • P4 Museum-based Learning Module
  • P4 RHD Fund-Raising Art Project
  • P5 Stopmotion Animation Module
  • P6 TMW Art Appreciation Workshop
  • P1 – P6 Drawing Module
  • P1 – P2 TMW Art Appreciation Assembly Programme

Marists are given the opportunities to participate in the following events:
  • SYF Art Exhibition
  • SYF Arts Presentation
  • Conducting SYF Artist Talk Presentation & Workshop
  • EMPlify Showcase
  • N4 Cluster Arts Camp