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English Language

The English Language Department aims to:
  • Develop Marists to be effective communicators who are future-ready and equipped to contribute in a globalised world;
  • Encourage teachers to engage, communicate and connect with the students through pedagogical and classroom practices; and
  • Develop teachers into confident and reflective educators.

To achieve the Department’s goals, the following programmes are offered:
  • 6-year English Language Curriculum guided by the PETALS learning framework and based on the STELLAR pedagogic framework
  • P4 – P5 Literature-based Curriculum
  • P1 – P3 Language Arts Curriculum
  • Enrichment programmes
  • School-based Dyslexia Programme
  • Reading Remediation Programme
  • Learning Support Programme

Marists are given the opportunities to participate in the following competitions:
  • The Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition
  • National Spelling Bee Championships
  • Wits and Words
  • Primary School Debates Open
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