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Principles of Accounts

The Principles of Accounts Department aims to:
  • Equip Marists with the basic knowledge and understanding on the importance of managing their finances and the steps they should take to be financially literate;
  • Develop in Marists the knowledge and skills to prepare, communicate and use both accounting and non-accounting information related to the business for decision-making, based on core values such as integrity and objectivity;
  • Enable Marists to acquire transferable skills such as organising and analysing information for decision-making and applying these skills in their daily lives.

To achieve the Department’s goal, the following programmes are offered:

Lower Secondary: Financial Literacy Programme:
  • Starting from 2021, lower secondary students will be introduced to basic financial literacy concepts and money management skills. 

Upper Secondary: O-Level Principles of Accounts:
  • This 2-year course aims to provide students with the foundational knowledge and skills in accounting, and to create interest and raise awareness of future pathways in accounting through Education and Career Guidance (ECG) experiences.