School Rules

Maris Stella High School (Secondary Section) comprises some 1500 staff and students with a collective responsibility in sustaining a vibrant and nurturing environment for the holistic development of Marists. 

Values form the core of our belief system and attitudes. They determine how we make moral choices in life. With the right values, we make responsible decisions that demonstrate respect for self and others. Marist values are distilled from the life experiences of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers. These values guide Marists in their behavior and conduct.

Discipline is an integral part of character development, especially so for our Marists as we prepare them for National Service and the working world. When we develop character in our students, we help them mould themselves into gentlemen of faith, vision and service. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. The school wants to develop self-discipline in students to ensure that they realise their potential as they learn, develop and grow in the school.

The Student Management Team aims to build positive relationships between all members of the school community so as to achieve our Marist student outcomes. We investigate causes of harm, heal and put the wrong things right. We develop relational practices that will reduce incidents of inappropriate behaviour.

We ask Marists to reflect when they have made a mistake:
What happened?
What were you thinking about?
What do you think went wrong?
Who have been affected and how have they been affected?
How can I make things right?

We strive to build social capital and empower our students to learn from their mistakes, make amends and not make the same mistake twice.

All Marists are to adhere to these guidelines throughout their journey here in Maris Stella High School to ensure order and discipline in school for learning to take place meaningfully. They also apply whenever a student is representing the school at official functions or in any other school activity, local or overseas.
It is every student’s responsibility to be familiar with all school rules and expectations and observe them accordingly. Ignorance is neither a reason nor excuse for inappropriate behaviour. Appropriate intervention procedures will be taken when school rules are infringed including detention, school service, in-school suspension, suspension from school or in very serious cases, caning or expulsion.

We believe that all Marists have their foundation anchored with integrity and personal responsibility. They must come forth when they have knowledge of wrongdoing, be it their own or others. Students who choose to remain silent and allow wrongdoing or harm to take place are as responsible and will be held accountable for their inaction.