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Principal's Message

Dear Marists,

Happy 2017. Welcome back to school! To our new primary 1 and secondary 1 Marists, welcome to Maris Stella High School!

2017 is a very special year for Maris Stella High School and our Marist Brothers in Singapore as well as our brothers and sisters in other Marist schools and organisations around the world. On 2 January 2017, we commemorate the 2nd centenary of the founding of the Marist Brothers by St Marcellin Champagnat on 2 January 1817. As Marists, we are united with fellow Marists around the world by the five Marist values of Presence, Simplicity, Love of Work, Family Spirit and In the Way of Mary. These Marist values reflect the life and times of our founding Saint who devoted his life to serving others, particularly in educating the poor. St Champagnat was a man of faith, vision and service. He had the courage of his convictions and was faithful to God’s calling. His mission in life was to serve others.

Our school’s founder, Brother Chanel Soon, was a Marist Brother who responded to the call of God to serve the poor in the eastern part of Singapore in 1958. In building Maris Stella High School, Brother Chanel gave credence to the Marist values. Not only did he live out St Marcellin’s mission of serving the poor, he built a school on a solid foundation, based on the Catholic faith and on Chinese traditional values. Maris Stella High School is valued by the community for the holistic education that it provides for all Marists.

Today we celebrate the 2nd centenary of the founding of the Marist Brothers. Next year, in 2018, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of our school’s founding. In celebrating these two important events, I invite all of you to reflect on the lives of St Marcellin, Brother Chanel, our Marist Brothers and everyone who have singularly and collectively contributed to the Marist vision. These include all the teachers and students who have taught and studied in our school. St Marcellin’s vision continues to be relevant to our lives. It must compel us to follow his example. Do these things:

Have faith in God and yourselves. St Champagnat and Brother Chanel trusted God completely. Faith gave them the courage and determination to achieve their goals.

Be a person of vision. It means being able to see what is not there. It means taking a great leap of faith. St Champagnat saw great Marist institutions around the world even before they were built. Brother Chanel saw Maris Stella High School even before the first brick was laid.

Most importantly, serve others. Show care and compassion. Serve with great humility and love unconditionally. Be a man for others.

Let us continue to live out our Marist values in our lives through the choices we make and the way we relate to one another.

Thank you and God Bless!

Mrs Woo Soo Min