Archery wins 8th consecutive national champions

19th April 2018

Archery is never just about shooting arrows at targets; it also teaches us to learn from our mistakes, to persevere, and through practice and hard work, excel. The Marist Archery Club is a fraternity where where ‘old boys’ attend competitions and lend the team their support. This reinforces the sense of family spirit so highly valued among Marists. Moreover, the school is justifiably proud of the club’s achievements in the 8th National Inter-School ‘B’ Division Championships held in March of this year. For the 8th consecutive year, our B Division archers emerged as the Overall Champions. Individual results are as follows:

1st Individual Placing (Compound) Ong Jay Tong 4C
6th Individual Placing (Compound) Damien Foo Xu Xian 3A
3rd Individual Placing (Recurve) Aldric Lee Ruibin 4J
4th Individual Placing (Recurve) Lim Wei Bin 4D
6th Individual Placing (Recurve) Goh Jie Wen Gerard 4H
8th Individual Placing (Recurve) Marcus Lim 3F

2nd Team Placing (Compound) Ong Jay Tong 4C, Damien Foo Xu Xian 3A, Bradley Kwauk Tak You 3F

1st Team Placing (Recurve) Aldric Lee Ruibin 4J, Lim Wei Bin 4D, Marcus Lim 4H

Special commendation goes to Caleb Lee 3B, Kenan Chin [3E] and Dominic Toh 3F, who, while failing to clinch medals, fought hard and advanced to round 2 of the competition, finishing in the Top 16.

In the 30m Standard Category, Joseph Lee [4J] and Francis Goon [3B] finished 5th and 7th, respectively.

In the words of team captain Gerard Goh, “The archers have trained hard for this competition and I’m glad we achieved our goal. The experience is one I will never forget.”

We are proud of all that the Archery Club has achieved. Well done gentlemen! #archery

sports day 2018


18th April 2018

Serangoon stadium was a shimmering sea of blue, yellow, green and red as the Marist athletes took to the field to compete on their annual sports day. It was a day that would see both our primary (Pri 4, 5 and 6) and secondary school sections come together as one family to celebrate a healthy life-style by engaging in sporting activities. The athletes representing the Alfano (Green) , Chanel (Blue), Champagnat (Red), and Francois (Yellow) houses had trained hard and were thoroughly prepared to compete. Earlier that morning, the spectators had witnessed a dramatic 100-metre relay, in addition to a second relay event in which students and teachers competed in mixed teams, followed by sundry games such as captains ball, football and obstacle courses.

It proved to be an exciting day, with House captains urging on their teams and beating on metal drums to the cheers of their houses—all aimed at promoting house unity and spirit and urging the athletes to give their best. Above all, the house spirit was palpable, as competitors strove to excel and the audience cheered them on. This event clearly revealed what we Marists value most, ‘Presence’ and ‘Family Spirit’, as well as the team spirit of working together and having fun while doing so.






gold award at 19th international elementz science research competition


11 April 2018

On the 9th April 2018, two teams from Maris Stella High School competed in the prestigious 19th International Elementz Science Research Competition. The team comprising of Lam Yi Kai Ryan (4H), Joshua Loh Wai Yuen (4H), Goh Qing Han (4H) and Soh Ze Kai (4E) won the Gold Award and presented their project in front of professors, teachers and students from different institutes of education. The team comprising of Calvin Ong Chao Xiong (4F), Ng Yeow Keng (4F), Tey Yee Han (4H) and Wong Jun Sheng (4J) was awarded the Certificate of Commendation. Congratulations to both teams on their achievements! During their research, they demonstrated the Marist value of 'Love of Work' through their determination to overcome challenges to achieve their objectives and win the competition.


WhatsApp Image 2018-02-28 at 7.49.42 PM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-02-28 at 7.57.58 PM.jpeg


11 April 2018

Badminton has always been part of the Marist experience. It is by nature a competitive sport. Our Maris Stella Badminton Team
 did the school proud by clinching 1st Runner-up Positions in the Badminton North Zone Championships 2018. They proceeded
 to the 2018 National School Games (NSG) Badminton Championships, where, after many grueling rounds, the team came in
 National Top 8 in the 'B' division Team and National Top 16 in the 'C' division Team events. Congratulations to our 'B' and 'C' division
Badminton boys.

2018 Nsg wushu championships (day 6)

11 April 2018

Day 6 marks the final day of the National Schools Games Wushu Championships 2018 for us. Jacques Ling (2D) and Jeremy Tan (2D) competed in the Formulated 5-Duan Spear event; Raphael Kwek (1H) and Liu Yanhua (1F) competed in the 1st International Spear event; Caden Yeo (1B) in the Formulated 5-Duan Cudgel event and Angus Quek (3G) in the 2nd International Cudgel event.

We managed to bag two more medals today! Congratulations to Jacques for getting 2nd position in the 'C' Division Boys, Formulated 5-Duan Spear event and Angus Quek for getting 1st in the 'B’ Division Boys, 2nd International Cudgel event!

It has been a competitive six days for our Wushu athletes! Great job and we shall train hard for our upcoming competition in August!

b div international broadsword and nan guan event (day 5)

11 April 2018

Video below features Angus Quek, who competed in the 2nd International Broadsword event on Day 4, Leif Ng and Dylan Oh who competed in the 1st International Nan Gun event on Day 5.

We would like to congratulate Angus Quek who came in second with a score of 8.76 in the 2nd International Broadsword event, B Division. Congratulations!

npcc wins 19th consecutive gold award


11 April 2018

Congratulations to our Marist cadets and the NPCC Unit for their 19th consecutive Gold Award! This is truly a remarkable achievement. Your accomplishment truly demonstrates that hard work pays off and this exemplifies our Marist value of 'Love for Work'. To the cadets and teachers in charge, well done! #NPCC

Sec 3 Outward bound school (OBS) camp 2018


11 April 2018

School is one big adventure

Since 1967, Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) has been nurturing rugged, resilient and confident youths, preparing them to boldly face the challenges of the future and take our nation forward in the next lap. More than 500,000 successive generations have gone through a life-changing OBS experience, learning how to live the OBS motto: “To serve, to strive and not to yield”.

Our Secondary 3 Marists had the experience of a lifetime when they embarked on this challenge. Activities such as navigating the high elements and team challenges forge and strengthen brotherhood amongst Marists. They also stretch Marists physically and mentally, leading to personal growth. When asked about his personal growth, Isaac Tan Jia Ler of Sec 3A shared that although he was tired and uncomfortable most of the time, he found new strengths within as he pressed on to complete the arduous land and sea expeditions which his team organised without any help from the instructors.

“Kayaking around for 12km under the blazing sun was no mean feat, but being one with my team was enough to get us through the sea expedition.” He added, “Trekking with 20-kg bags was not easy, but the team spirit that resonated within each of us motivated us to push through and complete our land expedition”.

Perhaps the gem of learning that Issac took away with him was, when he discovered that growth takes place when he was being thrown into a group of twelve other people who he had never met before in an unfamiliar environment. Through all the arduous physical and mental challenges, he discovered who he truly was and is capable of becoming. To that end, Isaac feels that anyone who is contemplating of taking part in the OBS challenge should not hesitate. Instead, students should go for it as they will never regret the experiences gleaned from this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. #outwardboundschool




海星学子们在4月9日迎来了国际友谊日(International Friendship Day)。与往年不同的是,今年活动更注重小组讨论,班上不同小组同学根据所分配的话题进行思考与辩论,再将小组讨论之后的意见进行整合,并以口头报告、短剧或新闻报道等形式呈献,使活动学习变得生动有趣。同学们不仅对所讨论的话题有进一步的了解,对国际友谊日也有了更深入的认识。尤其是在现今全球化时代里,身为文化贸易往来枢纽的新加坡,必然向世界各国伸出友谊之手,进行深入、广泛的文化交流,同时也帮助为国家发展做出贡献的外来人才融入我国社会。






National Schools Games Wushu Championships 2018

4 April 2018

Wushu is a sport that requires intense concentration, precision and physical strength. On the 28th of March, our school participated in the National Schools Games Wushu Championships 2018 held at Chung Cheng High School (Main). This event is marked by fierce competition among the nation’s top secondary school athletes. In the 1st international Nanquan event held on Day 1, our athletes showed significant improvement over the last time they competed. The highlight of this event took place on Day 2, when Angus Quek of 3G scored 8.65 points in the 2nd International Changquan event, a mere 0.01 points away from a first place finish. We are proud of Angus’ 2nd place finish as well as the team’s performance in this competition. All the athletes have demonstrated the Marist values of 'Presence' and 'Love of Work'. We wish the team every future success. We will keep you updated as the team compete in the upcoming events. (the video below features our athletes in action) 

agape meal 2018



29 March 2018

Our Sec 4 Marists assembled today for an Agape meal. The term ‘Agape’ is derived from the Greek 
word for ‘self-giving’, and the meal is a reminder of how Jesus shared his last meal, the Last Supper,
 with his disciples.

A Marist tradition since 2010, this exercise in cohort bonding is meant to symbolize the familial ties 
that connect all who are part of the Marist family. As is the case with any family, having a meal together
 and serving one another manifests the love that binds us. Today, Marist juniors and their teachers 
helped to serve the Sec 4 students. We trust that the blessings bestowed upon this gathering will 
strengthen us as a family and fortify our Sec 4 seniors in both their hearts and minds.

Maundy thursday 2018



29 March 2018

In keeping with our Marist tradition, we observed Maundy Thursday with a washing of feet ritual. 
According to the Gospel, Jesus performed a final act of service for his Disciples, following the Passover
meal. Arising from the table, He tied a towel about His waist and filled a basin with water. Then, one 
after another He washed the feet of each disciple, except Judas, who had already departed to betray Him.

After washing the Disciples' feet, Jesus explained what He did and why. "You should wash one another's 
feet," He told them. "I have set an example that you should do as I have done for you. Very truly I tell you, 
no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him. Now that 
you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them." (John 13:1-17)

In the spirit of Lent, and in remembrance of Christ teachings, our Principal kicked off this solemn and 
meaningful practice, followed by our teachers and students.

This symbolic washing of feet stresses on the equality of our humanity and the belief that nobody is 
above the other. As Marists, we often remind ourselves of the ties that bind us as a Marist family and 
this morning observance makes us reflect and appreciate one another better.

17th Inter-School National Scrabble Championship

24 March 2018

“Intensely grueling” and “mentally demanding” best sum up the 17th Inter-School National Scrabble Championship. Here we see our students in action against some of the best wordsmiths in our schools. Today's competition kicks off with the Individual category. Watch this space for our team’s progress in this exciting competition

Sec 2 camp 2018

sec 2 camp1.jpgsec 2 camp2.jpg

sec2 camp4.jpgsec2 camp3.jpg

21 March 2018

Personal growth takes place when one steps out of his comfort zone. Here a series of carefully planned
outdoor activities like kayaking, flying fox, caving, and abseiling is meant to test our Sec 2 Marists, physically
 and mentally. Kudos to our boys for taking on these challenges in their stride. As a cohort, you truly exemplify
one of our school values - presence. Well done, gentlemen. Achievement Unlocked! @ Changi Coast Adventure

singapore model cabinet 2018 conference at vjc

model cabinet.jpg
20 March 2018

12 of our students, from Sec 1 to 4, attended the Singapore Model Cabinet (SMC) 2018 Conference, from Wednesday, 14 March 2018 to Friday, 16 March 2018 held at Victoria Junior College (VJC). Organised by VJC in conjunction with the Marine Parade Leadership Foundation (MPLF), the SMC Conference aims to stimulate interest among youth in the current affairs of our nation. The participants assumed the roles of various cabinet ministers and representatives of statutory boards. They discussed and crafted policies addressing current problems confronting Singapore. Throughout the conference, the students were provided opportunities to interact with the real-life policy-makers. This year, our students had the privilege to have Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin, the Parliamentary Speaker during the course of a dialogue session. This gave them greater insight into how decision making is conducted at the highest political level.

Geography  field work 2018

geog field work2.jpg
17 March 2018

The Geography team spent two days helping Sec 3 students conduct coastal fieldwork at the East Coast Park. By learning outside the classroom, the students were able to better understand coastal dynamics and how other natural phenomena and human activities affect coastlines. They were also provided the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned in the classroom to observing and measuring natural phenomena, recording data, and testing hypotheses using real world data. Prior to the field trip the students were briefed by the Geography teachers on the proper techniques for recording data. The two days spent in the early part of the March break, helping the students conduct fieldwork and test hypotheses were well spent!

homecoming fiesta 2018

10 March 2018

A look into our Homecoming Fiesta 2018.


homecoming fiesta 2018

IMG-20180311-WA0005.jpgMSHS Fiesta day 2018-17.jpg

MSHS Fiesta day 2018-3.jpgMSHS Fiesta day 2018-9.jpg

10 March 2018

Fun and revelry at our Homecoming Fiesta.

Thank you for being part of the Marist experience! 


homecoming fiesta 2018

homecoming fiesta.jpg
Come home and celebrate with us! Enjoy carnival rides and games, magic shows and many other activities. Eat from a spread of sumptuous food.

It is our Homecoming Fiesta, the first event in our 60th Anniversary Celebrations. It will be held from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday 10 March 2018. The venue is the Primary School Section Parade Square.

The fiesta is open to all current and former students of the school, as well as their family members and friends.

You can order your coupons online at Order now before they run out.


Save the Date 

28th July 2018



MTF XY1.jpgMTF XY3.jpg




MTL MA1.jpgMTL Ma2.jpg

MTF MA3.jpgMTL MA4.jpg



world scout day 2018 


2 March 2018

Today, Maris Stella High School commemorated World Scout day. Our Phantom scouts built their own flagpole and used
 it for the flag-raising ceremony. The school will continue to provide Marists with programmes and experiences that will
develop their skills so that they can become self-fulfilled and constructive individuals in society.

2018 chinese new year celebrations


今年的农历新春庆祝会刚好是全民防卫日,华文部门与国民教育委员会联手炮制了一部短剧,不仅让全校师生追忆战争年代的艰苦岁月,也借此激励大家要居安思危,保卫家园,并坚信自己能为国家创造更美好的未来。而老师与学生的节令鼓表演、武术、学生军步操、华乐演奏、相声及大拜年更是把新春的气氛推向高潮,身穿红装的师生也将礼堂染成一片红海,让大家在新的一年里敞开胸怀,迎接新挑战! 整齐划一的军步操、刚健勇猛的武术、澎湃人心的节令鼓、喜气洋洋的华乐、逗趣说笑的相声充分体现了海星学子们为筹备这次庆祝会的勤勉忠勇,而齐声献唱的大拜年更是展现了一家精神,提醒大家团结就是力量. [Eng] We came all togged out in red to usher in the Year of the Dog. This year, we also marked Total Defence Day during our celebration with a skit that reminded us of the Japanese Occupation, so that we will remain vigilant and not take what we have for granted. Then, in a first-of-its-kind collaboration, a few teachers joined the Festive Drummers to kick the celebration into high gear. The NCC cadets followed with a thrilling freestyle drill while the Cross-Talk performance had us in stitches. The final singalong featuring teachers and students got the sea of red on its feet for a rousing finale

2017 gce 'O' Level result release


Maris Stella High School (Sec) achieved commendable results in the 2017 GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations. Below is an overview of the results:

JC/ Polytechnic Admission : 98.1 %
JC Admission : 87 %
5 ‘O’ Level passes : 97.3% 
(National: 90.6%)

The Class of 2017 did the school proud by achieving distinctions that are above the national distinction rate in the following subjects:

English Language
Additional Mathematics
Science (Physics/Chemistry)
Combined Humanities
Computer Studies

In the 2017 cohort of 338 students, an impressive 33.7%scored at least 6 distinctions. Among the Marists who performed well, some had PSLE T-scores below 220. Despite this, they worked very hard and achieved good value-added results.

Distinctions (A1/A2) % of students Number of students
6 or more 14.5% 49
7 or more 11.8% 40
8 or more 6.5% 22
9 or more 0.9% 3

Despite a busy schedule of academic pursuits and CCA commitments, Marists have realized their potential to achieve good academic and CCA results. These students exemplify the school motto of 勤勉忠勇 and the Marist values of presence, simplicity, love of work, family spirit and in the way of Mary.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

NIC Face OFF| Coding-Ace of Coders 2017


The IMDA 2017 Ace of Coders National Infocomm Competition is a competition organised to celebrate the best and brightest student developers in Singapore.  It is co-organised by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), National Infocomm Competition and the National University of Singapore (NUS). Top coders competed in front of a live audience and the most talented coders defeated competitors in a fantasy gaming competition. 

Yap Jun Hong, Lim Ze Kai, Lim Kai Jie and Wong Siang Yu from Secondary 3C represented our school in this competition held at the National University of Singapore on 11 November 2017. Lim Ze Kai and Wong Siang Yu clinched the 2nd runner-up position. Congratulations to Ze Kai and Siang Yu for their achievement! 

East View Secondary School League 2017 & Second Tier 'C' Div League 2017


Our school’s Basketball team participated in two competitions at the end of 2017. We are pleased to announce that we emerged as the Champion in the East View Secondary School League 2017 and as the 2nd Runner-up in the Second Tier ‘C’ Division League (Six Schools Invitation League) 2017! 

Our basketballers have been very diligent and conscientious in their training. Their hard work paid off in winning both competitions. Congratulations to the Basketball team! 

Vote For Marists in N.E.MATION! 12 Competition

The  N.E.mation! is an annual inter-school digital animation competition organised by Nexus, for students from secondary schools, junior colleges and centralised institutes to express their thoughts on Total Defence.  We are pleased to announce that a team of Marists, Team WaterHydrates, is one of the top 10 teams in the national N.E.Mation!12. For more information of our school's entry, please visit "". Marists and their parents can also vote for our animation clip in this competition. Do make sure to vote using both options #1 and 2 in our link.