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Visual & Performing Arts

Marist Ensembles

There are 3 musical ensembles CCA in the school. The Angklung Ensemble was formed in 2007 and the Strings Ensemble in 2009. It aims to provide the opportunity for pupils to learn more about Chinese and various musical instruments.

The Marist Musical Ensemble are regularly invited to perform in many school events such as Chinese New Year celebration, Racial Harmony Day celebration, Music Appreciation Day and Founder's Day.

Our musical ensembles also provide the platform for Marists to showcase their musical talents.


Angklung Ensemble





Strings Ensemble




Ukulele Ensemble

The Marist Ukulele Ensemble is a new CCA and will be focusing on developing our pupils’ existing musical knowledge and practical abilities while enhancing their interpersonal skills. Throughout the course, the pupils will learn the essential chords in both open position and movable forms, along with right hand strumming techniques and rhythms that are used in a wide variety of musical styles. They will also learn the necessary music theory that goes along with it. 

In addition, there will be opportunities for our pupils to perform in and out of school.



Art Club

The Marist Art Club strives to develop our pupils' potential in the artistic arena to the fullest. All our young artists have the opportunity to learn more about 2D & 3D artworks during their enrichment lessons. The Marist Art Club members are exposed to various art techniques through the weekly activities and they would also have the opportunity to participate in the bieannual Singapore Youth Festival (SYF).



School Brass Band

The Marist Brass Band was restructured from a symphonic band to brass band in 2011. The Band has taken part in many of the school events to build up their confidence and excel in their playing.

The Band also moved on to clinch a Gold Award at SYF Central Judging in 2012. Members learn to play musical instruments well and be good team players.

Our Brass Band is one of the various platforms for Marists to showcase their musical talents.