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2015 GCE ‘O’ Level Results (2015年中四O水准会考成绩)

Maris Stella High School (Sec) achieved commendable results in the 2015 GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations. 
Below are the overview of the results:
JC/ Polytechnic Admission 99.2%
JC Admission 89.6%
5 'O' Level passes 97.5% (National: 73.7%)
The Class of 2015 did the school proud by achieving distinctions that are above the national distinction rate 
in the following subjects: 
Subject % Distinction (MSHS) % Distinction (National)
English Language 30.5% 26.3%
Literature in English 65.2% 44.3%
Mathematics 79.7% 55.5%
Additional Mathematics 78.2% 54.8%
Physics 64.2% 46.3%
Chemistry 71.7% 44.9%
Biology 67.1% 48.4%
Science (Phy/Chem) 69.6% 37.3%
Science (Chem/Bio) 86.5% 30.7%
Science (Phy/Bio) 81.3% 46.6%
Combined Humanities 58.0% 34.2%
Geography 55.2% 53.2%
Computer Studies 100% 39.9%
Physical Education 60.0% 54.9%
Art 28.6% 12.8%
With an impressive 108 students who scored 6 distinctions and above in a cohort of 364 students, we are 
very proud of our Marists who have excelled in their GCE ‘O’ Level examinations in 2015. 
Number of distinctions Number of students % of students in 2015 cohort
6 52 14.3%
7 38 10.4%
8 11 3.0%
9 7 1.9%
Total 108 29.7%
Daryl Cheong (Secondary 4C, 2015) achieved 8 distinctions, of which 6 are A1s. He attributed his success 
to cooperating with his teachers to improve his results. He is a firm believer that students should take their 
teachers’ advice for them to heart and work on improving their results. 
The 2015 Marist of the Year, Christophe Tay Jin Hong (Secondary 4C, 2015), similarly, scored well in the 
GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations, exemplifying the ability of Marists to be a Gentleman, Scholar and 
Sportsman. He achieved a L1R5 of 10 and cited a positive class environment and his family as his greatest 
motivation. He encouraged his juniors to “study hard but do not neglect your family and friends”.
Among the Marists who have performed well are some with PSLE T-scores that are below 220. Despite 
this, they have worked very hard and achieved good value-added results. 
Congratulations, Class of 2015!