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Term 1 - 28 January 2014



28 January 2014


Dear Parents/ Guardians of Sec 1 Marists,


Best wishes for the Lunar New Year!

We are writing a special letter to the parents and guardians of Sec 1 Marists to help you have better insights into life in school.


1.  Sec 1 Orientation, Welcoming Ceremony and CCA registration

Our Sec 1 students concluded a successful Orientation Programme and Welcoming Ceremony. They are part of the Marist Family!  Our Student Councillors, NPCC Leaders, Scouts and House Leaders led the Orientation Programme.  The orientation activities included enrichment programmes, Chinese cultural activities such as Wu Shu and Chinese Drums.  The Wu Shu and Chinese Drums performance have been so successful that these Sec 1s performed AGAIN for our Chinese Week!

The Orientation ended with a memorable campfire where our Sec 1 Marists performed and cheered for the House they represented.   We want to thank parents for their attendance and support.

We were particularly impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of the Sec 1 students.  Well done! 


2.  Sec 1 Catholic Camp,

The theme of the Sec 1 Catholic Students' Camp, held from 24 to 26 January 2014 was "You are the Light of the World".  Activities included prayer sessions, bonding games, reflections, and personal testimonies.  These heightened their spirituality and convictions to be the light of the world.  The highlight of the camp was the Community Outreach Programme where the students packed Chinese New Year goodie bags.  These bags were given to the Friends In Need (FINs) under the charge of the St Vincent de Paul Society at St Stephen’s Church. Students also sang songs and served refreshments to all the families. Overall, the students found it an enriching and humbling experience.  I also spoke to the Sec 1 Catholic Marists at the camp and encouraged them to be role models of good behavior.


3.  Upcoming events

Marists can look forward to the coming school events.  We wish to thank parents for your continuous support for the school’s efforts to develop our Marists holistically.


Date & Time



Thu, 30 January 2014

7.30am to 10am *

Chinese New Year Celebration


Fri, 14 March 2014

7.30am to 12pm
Annual Cross Country Punggol Waterway Park

Fri, 25 April 2014

7.30am to 12pm
Annual Sports Day Hougang Stadium


* All students will report to school at 7.30am for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

We also wish all our Marists well as they train hard for the various zonal and national CCA competitions.  We are indeed encouraged by the spirit of camaraderie and pursuit of excellence.  Go Marists!

We encourage parents to speak to Marists about these activities as these can encourage good home support for a successful school life.


4.  School Holiday in-lieu of Saturday

As the Chinese New Year holidays fall on Friday, 31 January 2014 and Saturday, 1 February 2014, the following Monday, 3 February 2014 will be a school holiday for teaching staff and pupils.


5.  ICT Support for Parents and ICT Matters

Sec 1 Marists have received their MacBook Air but they need not bring their MacBook to school till the week starting Monday, 17 February 2014.  

The school provides support for parents in monitoring computer usage of their sons / wards.  This is to promote healthy use of technology.  Please refer to the included Parents’ Handbook for some useful tips on how to monitor their son’s computer usage.

Parents may also refer to the following website: http://bit.ly/mshs-parents

The website includes information on:

a)    Helping Marists manage their time on the MacBook.

b)    Setting up the "Parental Control" in the MacBook.

c)    Accessing school's portals (Admin Breeze and AsknLearn Portals)


Admin Portal (Admin Breeze: http://mshs.adminbreeze.net)

Parents will be able to access and monitor their sons’ academic results and attendance on the Admin Portal.

Login access is through using parent’s registered NRIC No. (in lower case, e.g. s1234567a) as the username and password.  

For password reset, parents may refer to the following website:  http://bit.ly/passwdr

For Parents to Note


I have spoken to the Sec 1 Marists about showing personal responsibility when using the Macbook.  Parents are STRONGLY ADVISED to set clear rules regarding computer usage.  These rules should include:

-       At bed time, the lap top and handphone should be taken outside of the bedroom or passed over to parents (to ensure Marists have proper sleep).

-       Computer usage at home should be in the common space of the house.

-       Parents and Marists should agree on daily usage time. 

I hope you find these suggestions useful.  I have given the Sec 1 Marists this message: ‘we control the computer with good habits and not the other way round where the computer controls us’. 


Your Partner in Education



Mr Joseph Lim



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