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Term 1 - 28 January 2014 (Sec 2 & 3)



28 January 2014


Dear Parents/ Guardians,


Best wishes for the Lunar New Year!

This letter serves to update you on our school programmes as well as to celebrate the achievement of our Marists.


1.  Sec 2 Adventure Camp and Sec 3 Bonding Camp

The Sec 2 and Sec 3 cohorts successfully completed their 3 Day 2 Night camps.  The Sec 2 camp included physical challenges and critical thinking elements to develop our Marists to be resilient and tenacious in overcoming difficulties.  It also highlighted the importance of being physically rugged and mentally strong. 

The Sec 3 Marists have built new friendships and fostered strong camaraderie through the bonding camp.  They tried out various team building exercises and rope confidence courses.  This can in turn lead to life-long friendships and greater personal mastery.


2.  GCE ‘O’ Level Examination Result for 2013 Sec 4 cohort

Once again, our secondary 4 students have done the school proud by doing very well at the ‘O’ level examination. Below are some of the highlights:


·       92.3%eligibility to JC:

·       100%eligibility to JC/Polytechnic:

·       13subjects achieved Distinction rate above national average

·       20 students achieved top value added performance


Our Sec 4 Marists (2013) have done well again! We wish to thank all the staff for the support they have given our Marists and special credit goes to the teachers who taught them from Sec 1 to Sec 4.  Congratulations and well done!

Details of the GCE ‘O’ Level results will be made available on the school website


3.  Upcoming events

Marists can look forward to the coming school events.  We wish to thank parents for your continuous support for the school’s efforts to develop our Marists holistically.


Date & Time



Thu, 30 January 2014

7.30am to 10am

Chinese New Year Celebration


Fri, 14 March 2014

7.30am to 12pm

Annual Cross Country

Punggol Waterway Park

Fri, 25 April 2014

7.30am to 12pm

Annual Sports Day

Hougang Stadium

* All students will report to school at 7.30am for the Chinese New Year celebrations.


We also wish all our Marists well as they train hard for the various zonal and national CCA competitions.  We are indeed encouraged by the spirit of camaraderie and pursuit of excellence.  Go Marists!


4.  School Holiday in-lieu of Saturday

As the Chinese New Year holidays fall on Friday, 31 January 2014 and Saturday, 1 February 2014, the following Monday, 3 February 2014 will be a school holiday for teaching staff and pupils.


5.  GCE O-Level Chinese Language (CL) paper on Mon, 2 June 2014

Our Sec 4 Marists will be taking the O-level Chinese Language (CL) written paper on 3 June 2013.  The Listening Comprehension paper will be on Tue, 22 July 2014 and the Oral paper will be on from Fri, 4 July 2014.  We wish to encourage our Sec 4 Marists preparing for this paper to work hard and start preparations early.  Their preparations should include being on task about homework, reading widely to expand their Chinese vocabulary and watching the Chinese news to stay in touch with current affairs.  The CL teachers are working with them to ensure that they are well prepared.  We believe parents and guardians will support their efforts by ensuring that their sons / wards attend remedial lessons when required. 

I have gone into all the Sec 4 classes and encouraged them to stay focused this year.  My message to them is that O-level success is about creating choices.  With good O-level results, they will be able to pursue the course or institution of their choice.  This message is to empower our Sec 4s!


6.  Grade Enhancement Programme (GEP) for Sec 4

Grade Enhancement Programme (GEP) commences on Mon, 10 February 2013.   The GEP is for selected Sec 4 Marists and aims to provide academic support to help them better prepare for their coming ‘O’ Level examinations.  A schedule will be given to Sec 4 Marists, indicating the subjects they have been allocated to attend.  These sessions will be compulsory for the selected Marists and we believe they will find the learning useful as they head towards this important national examination.


7.  ICT Matters

SCRATCH Programming for all Sec 2 Students

SCRATCH(http://scratch.mit.edu/) is a programming tool that allows users to create interactive stories, games, and animations.  The school selected this programming tool to enhance creative thinking skills and also enabling our Marists with 21st Century Competencies such as self-directed and collaborative learning.

All Secondary 2 students will go through a 10-hour training session on SCRATCH and they will make use SCRATCH for their Project Work in problem solving and presentations.  


Admin Portal (Admin Breeze: http://mshs.adminbreeze.net)

Parents will be able to access and monitor their sons’ academic results and attendance on the Admin Portal.

Login access is through using parent’s registered NRIC No. (in lower case, e.g. s1234567a) as the username and password.  

For password reset, parents may refer to the following website:  http://bit.ly/passwdr



Your Partner in Education



Mr Joseph Lim




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