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Term 1 - 8 January 2014



8 January 2014


Dear Parents/ Guardians


          Greetings from Maris Stella High School and Happy 2014! We also welcome our Sec 1s to the Marist Family! Our Theme for this year continues to be the Joy of Learning. We aim to develop our Marists to be Aspiring Learners, who find joy in the learning process. We encourage parents to promote this love of learning at home by talking with your son about school and their many learning experiences in class and during CCAs.


          Our Term 1 letter will provide you with information pertaining to key school activities. 



New Key Personnel Appointment

We are pleased to announce that there are new personnel appontments in Maris Stella High School.


Vice Principal (Curriculum) Mr Tan Chin Huat
Subject Head Staff Development Ms Toh Ling Ling


The details of our HODs, Subject Heads/ Level Heads are attached in Annex A.

New Staff joining the School

We welcome the following new staff to the Marist Family


Miss Liu Tong Math Department



Secondary One Orientation and CCA Maze

As part of their Marist Experience, the Sec 1 students will go through the Marist Orientation from Thu, 4 January to Friday, 10 January. All Sec 1 parents and guardians are cordially invited to attend the SEc 1 Welcoming Ceremony cum Campfire, which will be held at the Primary Section Basketball Court at 6:15 PM, Friday, 10 January 2014.


Sec 2 and Sec 3 Camps

The sec 2 and 3 students will have their annual camps from Wednesday, 22 January to Friday, 24 January 2014. The Sec 2 Adventure Camp will be held at Bottle Tree Park @ Yishun, and the Sec 3 Bonding Camp will be held at Safra Yishun. The level camps allow for teachers and students to bond over an ecperiential setting, and are designed to build resilience, camaraderie and teamwork in our Marists.


Sec 1 Catholic Camp

There will be a Sec 1 Catholics' Camp held in the school from the Friday, 24 January to Sunday, 26 January 2014. The theme of the camp is "The Light Of The World." (Matthew 5:14) Marist Brothers Bro. John Lek, Bro. Paul Ching, and newly ordained Fr. Terence Kesaven (A Marist himself!) will be some of the presenters at this camp. All Catholic Sec 1 atudents are required to participate in this camp while Sec 1 non-Catholic students are most welcome to attend as well. For more information, please look for Mrs Audrey Chong or Mr Kwok Weng Yee.


Year Head and Assistant Year Heads

To deliver a quality school experience and help promote the school theme of Joy of Learning, we are pleased to introduce our 2014 Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads.



Level Year Head / Assistant Year Heads
Secondary 1

Ms Sylvia Goh (Year Head)
Ms Windran Neo (A Year Head)

Secondary 2

Ms Toh Ling Ling (Year Head)
Ms Tao Yi Jun (A Year Head)

Secondary 3

Ms Chong Shao Hong (Year Head)
Ms Ong Cher Tat (A Year Head)

Secondary 4

Mr Jeremy Wong (Year Head)
Ms Lee Shiao Pey (A Year Head)

The Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads will be working closely with Form Teachers to look into pastoral care for students and design activities for each academic level.



The school would like to introduce our PSG Coordinator, Mr Vincent Tan. Vincent also helms the Fathers@Maris Stella which conducts regular family activiites and parenting talks. The team of PSG volunteers also organizes regular activities for parents to enrich Marist school experience and support school activities. Parents who are interested to join or learn more about the PSG can contact Vincent at the following email: mshspsg@gmail.com. PSG registration forms are in the Sec 1 welcome file and also available at the General Office.



The school continues to upgrade and renovate its physical facilities as we are pleased to inform of the following improvements:

a. Air- Conditioned Sec 4 Classrooms:  graduating Marists will enjoy a more comfortable study environment in the late morning to afternoon with the air- conditioned classrooms. We trust that with an improved study environment, they will be even more motivated to work hard! During Week 1 and 2, the Principal will also be going to all the Secondary 4 classes to speak to the students and encourage them to work hard for the year.


b. New Surface for Shaw Hall and Multi- Purpose Court: The Shaw Hall has received a new statement to its surface and badminton court lines are now drawn to facilitate PE and CCA needs. The external multi- purpose court has also received a new turf and students can look forward to an exciting time during the PE and break times.


c. School Field for PE and CCA: The school has made an arragement to use the next door soccer field for PE and CCA. An internal link way has been made for students to safely make their way back for their PE and CCA activities.


Your Partner in Education 


Mr Joseph Lim





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