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Term 2 - 27 March 2014



31 March 2014


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

We welcome our Marists back to school for Term 2!


1. Achievements in Term 1

Our Marists have performed exceptionally well since the start of the year. Here are some of the achievements thus far, with more details on the school website:


A. Uniformed Group:


- Excellence Achievement Award (sustained Gold Award for 15 years, 1999-2013)

- Gold Award In Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2013

- SPF-NPCC Badge Award 2014 - 9 awardees


NCC (Sea)

- 6th NCC Free Style Drill Competition (Sea District) - Champion



- National Patrol Camp 2013 Gold Award


B. Sports Group:


 - National Schools Championship ‘B’ Division – Overall 3rd position 

         -  Secondary School Bowling League 2014 

‘B’ Division- Champion and 1st Runner Up

‘C’ Division- Champion - 

- National Age Group 2014:

Under 15

Doubles – Bronze

Quartet – Gold and Silver

Masters – Silver and Bronze

Under 18

Quartet – Gold

Under 21

Quartet – Bronze

Masters – Gold

Table Tennis

- North Zone Table Tennis Championship ‘B’ Division – 1st position

- North Zone Table Tennis Championship ‘C’ Division – 4th position


- North Zone Badminton Championship ‘B’ Division – 3rd position

- North Zone Badminton Championship ‘C’ Division – 3rd position


Indoor Archery Youth Cup Singapore 2013 (International)

‘A’ Division- Silver

‘B’ Division- Silver Softball

- Singapore Recreational Club Championship 2014 ‘B’ Division – 4th position

- National Inter-School Softball Championship ‘B’ Division - Top 8


C. Clubs and Societies Group:

Marist IT Society

-YouthChaNgE 3.0 Voice Up! Challenge 2013/2014

- Champion- “The Boy who Posted Wolf”

- Viewer Choice- “The Mobile Phone”


- Scinemation 2013


 Most Entertaining and Championship award

Best Animation and Best Graphical Design award


- 2014 National Olympiad in Informatics 2 Bronze Medalist


Chinese Language Society

- National Story Challenge 2014

- Champion - Individual

- Third Prizes - Team A and Team B

- Singapore Inter-School Chinese Debate Invitational Competition

- Third Prize

Congratulations to all Marists and teachers. We also like to thank parents for their tremendous support.


2. Events & Activities for Term 2

The calendar of events for Term 2 is attached in this letter for your reference. Highlights for Term 2 include

a.            Sports Day 

b.            Various learning journeys to regional countries such as China, Hong Kong, 
Indonesia, and Malaysia. Marists are encouraged to sign up for our global experiences as these trips will broaden the mind and enrich their understanding of cultures and languages. 


3. Examination Matters

a. SA1 and Prelim 1 will start on 2 May 2014. Students have been advised to adopt

good study habits early to prepare for these examinations.

b. Many of our Sec 4s will be taking their O-level Chinese Language (CL) paper on 2 June 2014. They have been advised to maximize this opportunity to clear the CL paper well.


4. Pro-Academic Support

a. The Grade Enhancement Programme for Sec 4 students (GEP) is in full swing. Students identified for these academic support programmes are required to attend. This is to support them in their preparation for the O-levels.

b. Parents/guardians are encouraged to ensure that your child/ward arrives in school before 7.30 a.m. (Mon to Wed, Fri) and 8.30 a.m. (Thu). This will ensure that they are mentally prepared for their day in school. It also teaches them the value of self- discipline.

c. We would also like to express our gratitude to the Parent Support Groups (PSG) for their unwavering effort to support the school through programmes such as Monthly Fun Food Fest, Student Centre, Friday morning prayers at chapel, Marist Youth Day, etc.

5. Marist Arts Fiesta 

The Symphonic Band, Chinese Orchestra and the Primary School Band will be having a combined public performance at the Esplanade Concert Hall on Friday, 11 April 2014, 7.30pm. Ticket orders can be placed via the following email address: marisstellasymphonicband@gmail.com. We look forward to a splendid night of entertaining performances!


6. Day-Off 

To celebrate holistic achievement and attitude of excellence of our staff and students, the school will declare a day off on Friday, 11 April 2014. Students do not have to report to school on that day. We hope that this day off will encourage our Marists to continue this tradition of excellence.


7. Morning Flag Raising in the Shaw Hall

As part of our efforts to improve the Marist school experience, we have been conducting our morning flag raising ceremony in the Shaw Hall. For years, our flag raising ceremony was conducted outside the students’ respective classrooms. As a result, students did not experience a ‘whole-school’ atmosphere to this important morning routine. It was also difficult to address the students and communicate key messages to them. Now, with flag raising in the Shaw Hall, all our Secondary Marists can come together and participate in this important morning ritual as a whole school. We believe this will add to the Marist school experience.

Hence, we would like parents / guardians to ensure that their son / ward arrives in school before 7.25 am. This would enable them to place their bags in the classroom and comfortably get ready for flag raising in the Shaw Hall. We thank you for your support in ensuring even better school experiences for our Marists!


Your Partner in Education,



Mr Joseph Lim






Sec 1

23 May to 29 May

Sec 1 Chinese Culture Enrichment Programme

Sec 2

23 May to 29 May

Sec 2 Inter-Disciplinary Project Work

Sec 3

8 April, Tuesday

Sec 3 CL Oral Examination for HCL students

16 April, Wednesday

NRIC Registration for Singapore Citizen

23 May to 29 May

Sec 3 Chinese Culture Enrichment Programme

3 June to 6 June & 23 to 27 June

Sec 3 HCL pupils ‘O’ Level Chinese Oral Preparatory Lesson (1st & 4th week of holiday)

Sec 4

Week 1 to 3, Tuesdays

Sec 4 CL and EL Oral Examinations

23 May to 29 May

Sec 4 CL Revision Programme

2 June, Monday

GCE ‘O’ Level Chinese Written Paper

3 June to 6 June & 23 to 27 June

Sec 4 Holiday Supplementary Programme and ‘O’ Level Chinese Oral Preparatory Lesson
(1st & 4th week of holiday)

All levels

11 April, Friday

Day Off

18 April, Friday

Good Friday (Public Holiday)

25 April, Friday

Sports Day

1 May, Thursday

Labour Day (Public Holiday)

2 May, Friday

Semestral Assessment One EL and CL/HCL Paper 1 Preliminary Examination One EL and CL/HCL Paper 1

7 May, Wednesday to 16 May, Friday

Semestral Assessment One for Sec 1 to 3/ Preliminary Examination One for Sec 4

13 May, Tuesday

Vesak Day (Public Holiday)

19 May, Monday

Marking Day (No need to come to school)

20 May to 22 May

Checking of Exam Scripts

30 May, Friday

Parent Teacher Meeting 2

During Term 2 Holidays

Overseas Trips to:

a.            Immersion Programme to Fujian, PRC 

b.            Immersion Programme to Beijing, PRC 

c.            Scuba Diving Trip to Tioman, Malaysia 

d.            Student Leadership Trip to Bintan, Indonesia 

e.            Study Trip to Kowloon, Hong Kong 

f.  Balikpapan, Indonesia 

31 May to 29 June

Term Two Holidays



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