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Term 3 - 10 July 2015


10 July 2015


Dear Parents/ Guardians


Welcome back to Semester 2! We hope your son and you had a good break in June. This semester is a short one and as we gear our students academically, we will also focus on developing self management and self control in our Marists. We also hope that parents can continue to this message of self management at home by encouraging Marists to be attentive to different social situations and understand that different social situations call for different behaviours.


1. Principal on Course

From 27 Jul - 11 Sep, the Principal Mr Joseph Lim will be on course at the Civil Service College. He has been nominated for the 6-week Senior Management Programme. During this period, the Vice-Principals will be overseeing the operations of the school and the Principal will be in close contact with them.


2. 57th Founder's Day

We will be celebrating our 57th Founder’s Day on Friday, 31st July 2015. The Guest of Honour for the event is Mr Victor Yu, Director of Cortina Holdings Limited. Mr Yu is an alumnus of Maris Stella and continues to contribute to MSHS as a member of the School Management Committee. The theme for this Founder’s Day is ‘Building on a Culture of Excellence’. As we celebrate the holistic achievements of the school, we would also like to take the opportunity to pay tribute to the work of our pioneer teachers.


3. Marist Youth Day 2015

We celebrated Youth Day on 3rd July. The programme for the day focused on our students serving the community. This year, we piloted the ‘Marist X Challenge’ where our Secondary 4 students presented creative solutions to an engineering challenge. We look forward to our students inventing solutions to benefit mankind in the future. The Secondary 1 to 3 students set up food and game stalls to raise funds for Touch Community services. Through the setting up of stalls, students develop their teamwork with their classmates and learn useful skills such as budgeting and balancing accounts. A total of $8100 was raised. A commendable effort on the students’ part!


4. Student Leaders Investiture

The 42nd Student Council Investiture will be held on Monday 13 July. During the investiture ceremony leadership awards will be presented to the Secondary 4 councillors in recognition of their service to the school. Secondary 2 councillors will also be officially appointed. The ceremony also marks the handing over of the responsibilities of the 41st Student Council Executive Committee (EXCO) to the new 42nd Student Council EXCO. The theme of the ceremony is ‘Your Stories, Our Legacies’. The theme serves as a reminder to all councillors that their contributions go a long way in creating a unique Marist Experience for their peers.


5. Update on Achievements

Our Marists have performed exceptionally well since the start of the year. Here are some of the achievements thus far, with more details on the school website:


A. Uniformed Groups:



- Gold Award for Best Unit Competition 2014, 13th Consecutive Gold

St John Brigade

- Singapore/Malaysia Competition- 2nd Place

- Zone 10 First Aid Competition Ambulance Adult Team: Champion

- Zone 10 First Aid Competition Ambulance Cadet Team: 1st and 2nd Runner Up


B. Sports


- Singapore Recreational Club Championship 2015 ‘B’ Division – 3rd position


- North Zone 2nd Tier B Division Basketball Championship 2015- 4th position


C. Clubs and Societies


Chinese Language Society

- All Singapore Secondary School Xiang Sheng Competition – 3rd position


6. SG50 Art Project

The budding artists of Maris Stella High School (Primary and Secondary) installed a sculpture and a two-dimensional extension of the sculpture composed into a series of collages on the outdoor umbrellas at the Serangoon Gardens Hawker Centre. These works of Art are the students’ artistic interpretations of the relaxed ambience and the burst of flavours from the variety of food at the hawker centre. Do drop by and appreciate their artistry.


7. Examination Matters

Please note the following exam dates. More information about exam topics and format will be published on our exam website at http://exams.mshs.edu.sg.


Common Test 2

Sec 1: 19 to 21 Aug 2015

Sec 2: 19 to 21 Aug 2015

Sec 3: 17 to 21 Aug 2015


Prelim 2 Examination

Sec 4: 17 Aug to 2 Sep 2015


Semestral Assesment 2

Sec 1: 25 Sep, 5 to 8 Oct 2015

Sec 2: 25 Sep, 5 to 8 Oct 2015

Sec 3: 25 Sep, 1 to 8 Oct 2015


8. Events & Activities for Term 3




Activity/ Event

Sec 1

21 July, Tuesday

E-Learning Day

19 August to 21 August Common Test 2
Sec 2

21 July, Tuesday

E-Learning Day

19 August to 21 August

Common Test 2

Sec 3

2 July to 14 July

O Level CL Oral Examinations for HCL Students

21 July, Tuesday

E-Learning Day

21 July, Tuesday

O Level CL Listening Comprehension for HCL Students

17 August to 21 August

Common Test 2

Sec 4

2 July to 14 July O Level CL Oral Examinations

20, 28 July and 4 August

EL Oral Examinations

21 July, Tuesday

O Level CL Listening Comprehension

13 August to 27 August

O Level EL Oral Examinations

17 August to 2 September

Preliminary 2

All Levels

11 July, Saturday

Marist Ironkid Biathlon

14 July, Tuesday

To run Day 5 Timetable

17 July, Friday

Hari Raya Puasa (Public Holiday)

27 July, Monday

Youth Day (School Holiday)

28 July, Tuesday

ICAS Mathematics

31 July, Friday

Founder's Day

7 August, Friday 

SG50 Public Holiday

10 August, Monday

Off-in-lieu for National Holiday

12 August, Wednesday

To run Day 10 Timetable

31 August, Monday

To run Day 10 Timetable

3 September, Thursday

Teacher's Day Celebration

4 September, Friday

Teacher's Day (School Holiday)

7 to 13 September

Term Three Holidays


9. Traffic & Drop off point

We would like to appeal to all parents who drive their children to school to alight your child along the road when your car is about 5 cars’ length away from the school gate. This will help ease the traffic congestion outside the school gate in the morning. Your child should walk to the place designated for crossing and follow the instructions of the personnel in charge there.Your partner in education,



Mr Joseph Lim Principal

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