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Term 3 - 21 August 2014



21 August 2014


Dear Parents/ Guardians,


We are pleased to update you on our programmes and achievements.


1. 56th Founder's Day

The school celebrated its 56th Founder's Day on Friday, 1 August 2014. Our Guest of Honour for the event is Brother Robert Teoh, Provincial of the Province of East Asia. The theme for this Founder's Day is "Celebrating the Inspirational Marist" and the event celebrated many holistic achievements of the school, and included exciting performances from Marists. For more information on our 56th Founder's Day, please visit our school website.


2. Marist of the Year

The Marist of the Year embodies the Marist Ideal of holistic education - the Gentleman, Scholar and Sportsman. The school shortlisted 6 nominees and the Marist of the Year is Phoon Yi Hao from Secondary 4B. The other 5 nominees are Tan Reng Mian from Secondary 4E, Brandon Chen Yun Xin and Justin Kuan Liang Hui, both from Secondary 4A.


Marist of the Year Phoon Yi Hao is compassionate, confident, articulate, and able to lead and inspire others. Besides doing very well in his studies, he was the Drum Major of Maris Stella Symphonic Band - a key appointment that displayed his competency and commitment. Yi Hao has been instrumental in nurturing his juniors' love for music and inspiring them to be better musicians. An Inspirational Marist, Yi Hao has contributed significantly to the Band, attaining the much coveted Gold Medal (with Honours) at the Singapore Youth Festival in 2013. Well done!


3. Lee Kuan Yew All-Round Excellence Award (LKY-ARE)

Lee Kuan Yew All-Round Excellence Award (LKY-ARE) is a pinnacle award, standing at the apex of all existing national-level awards for achievement in education. It recognises well-rounded students who have excelled in both academic and non-academic spheres, and who exemplify positive character development, strong leadership qualities and commitment to service to the community.


We are pleased to announced that Soong Tse Kiat (Class of 2013) is the first Marist to have been awarded the LKY-ARE. A former Marist of the Year, Tse Kiat was the Chairman of the SJAB, leading his peers and juniors to achieve stellar results and maintain high standards. Tse Kiat continues to mentor SJAB leaders and pass on the traditions of excellence. Tse Kiat is currently studying at Hwa Chong Institue (after completing hia O-levels in Maris Stella High School). Congratulations to Tse Kiat!


4. Update on Achievements

Our Marists have performed exceptionally well since the start of the year. Here are some of the achievements thus far (more details in the school website):


A. Uniformed Group:


- Chief Commisioner's Award- 2 Awardees


St John Ambulance Brigade

- National First Aid Competition Ambulance Adult Team: Overall Champions

- National First Aid Competition Ambulance Adult Team: 1st in First Aid Short Case

- National First Aid Competition Ambulance Adult Team: 1st in First Aid Long Case

- National First Aid Competition Ambulance Adult Team: Best Leader


B. Sports Group


- 4th National Inter-School Archery Championship 2014 'C' Division - Overall Champion

            - Individual - Recurve Bronze and 4th Place

            - Individual - Compound Gold and Bronze

            - Recurve Team - Gold

            - Compound Team - Gold



- National School Championship 2014 'C' Division - Overall 3rd Position


C. Performing Arts

Symphonic Band

- Singapore International Band Festival (Division 2A) - Gold


Chinese Orchestra

- K-Attack Combined Schools Concert at  NYPCO Auditorium


D. Clubs and Societies:

Outdoor Activities Club

- National Vertical Marathon 2014- 2nd and 7th (Youth Catogory)


Congratulations to all Marists and teachers. We also like to thank parents for their tremendous support.


5. Marist Ironkid BIathlon


The 25th Marist Ironkid Biathlon was held on Saturday, 12 July 2014 at the National Technologucal University (NTU) Swimming Complex. This special edition of the annual biathlon featured competitive and non-competitive Marist Family Categories, with participation from current Marist, alumni as well as Father-Son teams. The Champion house for this year's Ironkid Biathlon is Francois House. A well deserved victory!


6. Student Leaders Investiture


The 41st Student Council Investiture was held on Monday, 14 July 2014. The EXCO is led by President Derrick Tan Rui Yang from Secondary 3C and Ho Teck En from Secondary 3D. The theme of the investiture "Amongst Us" reaffirmed the role of the Student Council as the voice of the Marist student body and to better the school experience for every Marists Confidence, Humility and Constant Service.


7. Xi'an Bi-Cultural Programme

The school received 40 students and 8 teachers from our partner school, Gaoxin No. 1 High School, Xi'an, China, from 28 July to 8 August 2014. The visiting students enjoyed the Marist hospitality and cultural exchange in Xi'an later in the year.


8. National Day Celebration

The school commemorated its 49th National Day Celebrations on Friday, 8 August 2014. Marists and staff turned out in a sea of Red and White. The theme fort his year's celebraiton is "Our People, Our Home" and the students created a mass display showcasing the progress of Singapore. The celebrations ended on a rousing note with students and teachers participating in the mass singing.


9. Examination Matters

The GCE O Levels EL Oral Exams commences from 14 August 2014 to 22 August 2014. Students have been advised to be desciplined and adopt good study habits in preparation for these examinations.


10. Focused Group Discussion.

The school conducted a round of FGDs with representatives from each class across Secondary 1 to Secondary 4. School leaders and Year Heads met with the students to receive ideas on school improvement and to share their aspirations. There will be exciting new developments as the school considers and put into place the feedback and suggestions. Stay tuned!


11. Events & Activities for Term 3

The Calendar of events for Term 3 is attached in this letter for your reference.


Thank you.


Your Partner in Education,


Mr Joseph Lim



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