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Marist Digital Media Club

Teachers-in Charge: Ms Nur Hanis, Ms Zakiah, Ms Diana Sim and Mr Andrew Chu
Activity Schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays, 2.30 p.m. – 5.30 p.m 
Activity Venue: Digital Media Room 1 and 2 @ Level 5, Media Studio @ Level 7
Activities/Programme Outline:
The Marist Digital Media Club (MDMC) was recently formed to house the Photography 
Club, Film-making, Digital Music and Arts Club - initially 3 separate CCAs - under one roof. 
Members will be exposed to various different forms of digital media and to handle the 
equipment required for the amateur photographer, film-maker or digital artist in the 
21stcentury. The MDMC members will be able to develop their creativity and an eye for the 
aesthetics from the exposure of the various art forms through workshops, talks and 
After a year of exposure to the various media, members will specialise in a chosen field to 
develop their skills further and create their own works fit for public showcase and 
competitions. The MDMC members in their own specialties, have participated in various 
nation-wide competitions over the years including the Singapore Youth Festival Arts 
Exhibition. The members also continue to contribute to the school by providing photography 
and video support during special events.