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Principal's Message


Dear Marists

Happy New Year and welcome back to school!  To our new Primary 1 and Secondary 1 Marists, welcome to Maris Stella High School! I wish 2020 will be a fulfilling year for you in terms of your learning in the academic area and co-curricular areas, and more importantly, in your formation as a gentleman and as members of the Marist family and of the larger community.

In 2018, we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our school’s founding. Our theme for the celebrations was Rejoice ● Reunion ● Rejuvenate. As a full school, with Marists past and present, we celebrated as one big Marist family rekindling the ties of brotherhood that have withstood the test of time. Over the past 60 years, the school has done very well and won numerous accolades. It is one of the original nine Special Assistance Plan schools identified by the Ministry of Education in 1979 to offer bilingual education to its students and to transmit Chinese culture and traditions. Having been accorded the Autonomous status in 1996, the secondary section is provided with more resources to organise special programmes, compared to other secondary schools. The strength of the school is evidenced in the fine gentlemen nurtured by the school. We are proud of our alumni who have gone on to become leaders of their fields, e.g. shipping, medicine, hospitality, business, construction, media, and food and beverage.  The stories of our illustrious alumni across 60 industries are captured in our 60th anniversary commemorative book, 璀璨星河, which was launched on 23 November 2019 after a year-long preparation. We hope that the stories of our alumni would inspire you to find your interest and work towards building your niche in life. 

As we look ahead and enter our next 60-year cycle, we would like to direct our attention to “Rejuvenate”.  In the face of external trends and challenges, we seek to renew the school so as to live its mission and realise the potential of Marists.  In 2019, we went back to basics to help Marists build positive learning dispositions and deepen your engagement and joy of learning. In the coming year in 2020, we would like to focus on rejuvenating the vibrancy of the school culture. The best times of one’s life are the times spent in school with friends, and we would like you to enjoy a great schooling experience through revitalising the school culture enriched by every one of you living up to the Marist values of Presence, Simplicity, Love of Work, Family Spirit and In the Way of Mary and the school motto 勤 勉 忠 勇. In particular, we would like to urge all Marists to demonstrate your loyalty to the school and to the community by being your best and giving of your best in your interactions with one another and in your work. In our all-boys environment, we encourage Marists to learn to work and play together and be there for one another as you go through the ups and downs of your growing years. We strongly believe that you, Marists, have what it takes to act collectively to build the ties of brotherhood that endure the test of time.

As a school founded by Br Chanel Soon, a Marist Brother, who came from Beijing and who was well-versed in the teaching of Confucianism, Maris Stella High School is well-anchored as Catholic school with a mission to educate boys in Christian and Chinese values.  61 years on, amidst the onslaught of global technological advancement and the changes it brought to society, it is timely that we in Maris Stella High School review and refine our value proposition to our students through our distinctive 10-year Marist Education which comprises our Brother Chanel Programme and the Marcellin Way, conducted through boy-centric ways to engage students. These programmes seek to nurture every Marist to become gentlemen of faith, vision and service. To achieve this vision, we would like the fullest participation and initiative from students as well as the continued support of all parents, the Marist Brothers and the School Management Board. We pray for God’s abundant blessings and grace on all in the Marist family for a fruitful and fulfilling 2020.

God Bless!

Mrs Woo Soo Min