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Principal's Message


Dear Marists

Happy 2019!

Welcome back to school and to a new year!  To our new Primary 1 and Secondary 1 Marists, Welcome to Maris Stella High School!

In 2018, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of our school’s founding. Our theme for the celebrations is Rejoice ● Reunion ● Rejuvenate. As a full school, with Marists past and present, we celebrated as one big Marist family rekindling the ties of brotherhood that have withstood the test of time. Over the past 60 years, the school has done very well and won many accolades. It is one of the original nine Special Assistance Plan schools identified by the Ministry of Education in 1979 to offer bilingual education to its students and to transmit Chinese culture and traditions. Having been accorded the Autonomous status in 1996, the secondary section is provided with more resources to organise special programmes, compared to other secondary schools. The strength of the school is evidenced in the fine gentlemen nurtured by the school.  We are proud of our alumni who have gone on to become leaders of their fields e.g. shipping, medicine, hospitality, business, construction, media, and food and beverage.

As we look ahead and start our next 60-year cycle, we would like to direct our attention to “Rejuvenate”.  In face of external trends and challenges, we seek to renew the school so as to live its mission and realise the potential of Marists.  We seek to do this by going back to basics to help Marists build positive learning dispositions and deepen your engagement and joy of learning.  We would like Marist to focus on these areas:

Having faith in God and yourselves. Saint Marcellin and Brother Chanel trusted God completely.  Faith gave them the courage and determination to achieve their goals. Faith will also see you through your ups in life.  How do we access faith?  A good way to begin is to adopt a stance of humility and to acknowledge the presence and contributions of others in school, in class and in your CCAs.  Learn to appreciate the gifts of others and how they have helped you succeed. Include and involve others and work together to build a community of faith.

Being a person of vision. It means taking a great leap of faith and seeing what is not there. It means being imaginative and seeing possibilities. Saint Marcellin saw great Marist institutions around the world even before they were built.  Brother Chanel saw Maris Stella High School even before the first brick was laid.  See possibilities in yourselves and others. Say “let’s try” or “let’s try again” in face of challenges.  You will succeed when you can envision your dream.

Most importantly, serving others.  Show care and compassionate.  Serve with great humility and love unconditionally.  Go beyond yourselves as you have what it takes to contribute to the community.  Be a man for others. To deny yourself and put others as priority.  Though this is the hardest thing to do, just imagine how fantastic the school would be when this happens. Just imagine how powerful the world would be when this happens in the society out there.

In the journey that the school has taken, we owe our earlier successes to the Marist Brothers, the School Management Committee and Maris Stella High School Alumni for the help and guidance, always generously given.  We are also grateful for the support and trust given by parents as we partner them to educate Marists.  We continue to pray for God’s abundant blessings and grace.

Marists, let us adopt a stance of humility so that we can learn deeply in order to rejuvenate the school!

Thank you and God Bless!

Mrs Woo Soo Min