What is the minimum AL score for entry into MSHS via DSA?

Answer: We do not set a minimum AL score for DSA. Being a SAP school, we only offer Express Stream. Applicants who wish to enrol via DSA must meet MOE placement criteria for Express Stream under the Achievement Level Scoring System. The AL score for Express Stream is between 4 and 22.

2.     If a child has accepted the confirmed offer but eventually did not meet the Express cut-off point, can he still be enrolled to MSHS? What happens next?

Answer: No. For unsuccessful DSA-Sec applicants, their Primary Schools will issue them with S1 Option Form, informing that their DSA-Sec application is unsuccessful when they receive their PSLE result. They will have to submit their school choices to participate in the S1 posting process.

3.     Can I apply for 2 talent areas in the same school?

Answer: Yes. You can apply up to 2 talent areas in the same school. The child will only be given one Confirmed Offer out of the 2 and he must commit to the given talent area if he is eventually admitted to MSHS via DSA. He is not allowed to transfer to another school.

4. My son’s primary school does not offer the CCA but he trains with a club. Can he still apply? 

Answer: We do have P6s who are not part of their primary school CCA applying for DSA. In the DSA application portal, there is a section for you to indicate external activities that are not in his school record. It will be good to let us know his training frequency, the academy he is in and any competition experience he might have.

5.     How is the selection conducted?

Answer:  In-person selection will be conducted at our school venue for most of the talent areas. Teachers and/or instructors will assess the applicants ability and submit the recommendation. A panel will look through all the recommendations and make the final decision.

6.     What is expected during the selection trial?

Answer: The selection trial usually consists of an interview and/or performance tasks related to the talent areas. Details for the trials will be given in the shortlisted email.

7.     How does the academic result affect the outcome?

Answer: As our school only offers Express Stream, the primary school result is used to assess whether the applicant is academically suitable or likely to make it for Express Stream (at least AL score of 22).

8.     What is the AL score cut-off point for this year? Must the applicant meet this cut-off for entry via DSA?

The cut-off point is dependent on the choices of the students applying to MSHS. Hence we do not know the cut-off points for the 2022 batch of P6 students.  The PSLE score range of 2021 for affiliated students is 4 (D) - 16, and the range for non-affiliated students is 7(M) -12.

DSA applicants only need to meet Express Stream AL score for entry to MSHS via DSA.

9.     Is there a DSA class?

Answer: No. Students will be randomly put into Sec 1 classes with the average AL score about the same for all classes.

10.   What happens when the child is admitted to Maris Stella High School via DSA?

Answer: If your child is admitted through DSA-Sec, he must commit to his chosen school for the duration of the programme. He is not allowed to transfer to another school.

11.   How many slots are available for DSA? Is there a quota set for each talent area?

Answer: Our school can admit up to 20% of our Sec 1 intake via DSA. We do not set a quota for each talent area. Applicants who meet the requirements will be considered.

12.   What are the DSA criteria?

Answer: Different talent areas will have different selection criteria but, in general, applicants must be able to demonstrate a high level of ability. For example, your child might have:

·      Represented the school in a CCA

·      Held a prominent role in a performance or competition

·      Done well in a subject such as Chinese Language or creative writing

·      Held a leadership role in class or a CCA

13.   How do we apply for DSA?

Application for DSA-Sec can be submitted through the online DSA-Sec Portal. The application is free of charge. For more details, please refer to MOE website – 

Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent

14.   What is the timeline for application?

The timeline is available on the MOE website -

15.   My son is unsuccessful in his DSA application. Can he appeal for DSA again?

Answer: DSA application results are final. There will not be an appeal after the DSA results are released. He is supposed to use the S1 Option Form to opt for his preferred schools. He can opt for our school again in the S1 Option Form if he is keen to join the school.

16.   If my son is exempted from Chinese Language in PSLE, can he still apply into Maris Stella High School via DSA?

Answer: No, you will not be given an option to choose SAP Schools as the application portal will filter off these option for your child to choose.

17.   Must my son take Higher Chinese while in the school?

Answer: At Secondary 1, all of our students are offered the chance to take Higher Chinese. While the school offers the option to do so, it is not compulsory and a student may indicate his preference for taking either Higher Chinese or Chinese.

General FAQs can also be found on the FAQs page of the school website.