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Frequently asked questions


1. What is the new 2021 PSLE score for admission into Maris Stella High School?Based on the new PSLE scoring system, the indicative cut-off points in 2021 are 7(M)-12 for non-affiliated students and 8-16 for affiliated students.

Higher Chinese grades: D for Distinction, M for Merit, and P for Pass

2. Are only 20% of the school’s places available for non-affiliated students?

Since 2019, MOE has reserved 20% of all places in secondary schools with affiliated primary schools for non-affiliated students. Our affiliated students typically take up about 30-35% of the Secondary 1 intake. Hence, there is still a significant proportion of places for non-affiliated students.

3. Must my son/ward take Higher Chinese / Chinese Language to enter Maris Stella High School?

A student who wishes to pursue his education in a SAP school, including Maris Stella High School, must take CL or HCL as his Mother Tongue language. Students need not take HCL at P6 to enter the school.

4. Must my son/ward be a Catholic to join the school?

Students of all faiths are welcome to join Maris Stella High School. About 80-85% of our secondary students are non-Catholic.

For Catholic students, Spiritual Formation programmes are offered. Non-Catholic students are not required, but are welcome, to attend these programmes.

5. I wish to appeal to transfer my son/ward into Secondary 1. How do I do so?

Based on MOE policy, only students who meet the cut-off point during the posting year may be considered by the school for appeal to transfer into the school.

The appeal process will be made known via our school website nearer to the release of the Secondary 1 posting results. In view of the COVID-19 situation, we are accepting appeal only via online submission. Only shortlisted candidates will be asked to come to the school for an interview.

6. How do I apply to the school via Direct Schools Admission (DSA)?

DSA application typically begins around May every year. Updated details will be published on the Ministry of Education website, as well as our school website, closer to that period.


7. Must my son/ward take Higher Chinese Language (HCL) while in the school?

At Secondary 1, all of our students are offered the chance to take HCL. While the school offers the option to do so, it is not compulsory and a student may indicate his preference of taking either HCL or CL.

8. Can my son/ward choose to drop HCL if he cannot cope with the subject?

Yes, he can. However, students who have started HCL in Secondary 1 are encouraged to continue doing so until Secondary 3, where they will take the O-Level CL examination, before making a decision to continue or not. This is because learning a language takes time.

9. Does the school offer Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) courses of study?

No, the school offers only the Express course of study.

10. Does the school have Subject-Based Banding? 

As our school offers only the Express course of study, we do not have Subject-Based Banding. This is being piloted in schools with Express, NA and NT streams and will eventually be implemented in schools with the 3 streams.


11. What are the signature programmes offered at Maris Stella?

The signature programmes offered at Maris Stella include:

12. What is the school experience like for a non-Catholic student?

The school offers a variety of signature programmes, as described above.

Additionally, as a Catholic school, we inculcate universal values of love, integrity, and humility as well as respecting the dignity of others. All students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of these values and Catholic traditions through certain seasonal activities, such as assembly programmes held during the season of Lent (leading up to Easter). Additional Catholic programmes such as camps and masses are organised for the spiritual development of Catholic students; non-Catholics are welcome to attend these optional activities.

13. What are the types of CCA offered at Maris Stella?

The school offers a variety of CCAs in Physical Sports, Uniformed Groups, Performing Arts, Clubs and Societies.

For more information on CCAs, please refer to this page.


14. Does my son/ward need a laptop when he joins the school?

Under the National Digital Literacy Programme, every secondary school student will own a school-prescribed personal learning device. They will receive more information about this in the course of their Secondary 1 year.  

15. What are the school hours like in Maris Stella?

School starts at 7.30 a.m. and ends every day at 1.45 p.m. for lower secondary students. For upper secondary students, school ends at 3.15 p.m. on Thursdays. On some afternoons, students may attend enrichment or supplementary programmes. 

16. What are the public transport services available to reach Maris Stella?

The nearest MRT station to Maris Stella is Bartley MRT Station, which is located on the Circle Line.

The bus services available are 93, 129 and 158.


17. What are the schools affiliated with Maris Stella?

Our school is affiliated with Maris Stella High School (Primary) and Catholic Junior College. Students who apply to Catholic Junior College have 2 affiliation bonus points.