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Frequently asked questions

1) Must my son take Chinese Language to enter Maris Stella High School?
Students who wish to pursue their education in a SAP school, including Maris Stella High School,  must offer Chinese or Higher Chinese as their Mother Tongue. 

2) Must my son take Higher Chinese while in the school?
All students are offered Higher Chinese at Secondary 1. While we offer the option to do so, it is not compulsory and students can indicate their preference of HCL/CL accordingly. 

3) Must my son be Catholic to enter the school? 
Students of all faiths are welcome at Maris Stella High School. 

4) What is the school experience like for a non-Catholic student?
As a Catholic school, we emphasise universal values such as love, integrity and humility as well as respecting the human dignity of others. Students will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of these values and Catholic traditions through certain seasonal activities, such as assembly programmes during the season of Lent (leading up to Easter).

Additional Catholic programmes such as camps and masses are organised for the spiritual development of Catholic students; non-Catholics are welcome to attend these optional activities.

5) Are only 20% of the school’s places available for non-affiliated students?
Starting in 2019, MOE reserves 20% of all places in secondary schools with affiliated primary schools for non-affiliated students. This does not mean that only 20% of places are available for non-affiliated students. Currently, more than half of the cohort is made up of non-affiliated students.

6) Does the school offer Normal (Academic) or Normal (Technical) courses of study?
No, the school offers only the Express course of study.

7) I wish to appeal for a place in Sec 1. How do I do so?
Based on MOE policy, only students who meet the cut- off point for the posting year of the school may be considered by the school for appeal to transfer into the school. Please submit the online form to do so after 20 Dec 2019.

For further queries, contact the secondary office at 6280 3880 (office hours) or via email at msh@moe.edu.sg.