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2015 ICAS Mathematics

The ICAS Mathematics 2015 was conducted on Wednesday, 28 July 2015.


There were a total of 925 participants from Sec 1 to 4. We are pleased to announce that for this year, we have 34 Marists attaining Certificates of High Distinction, 227 Distinction, 342 Credit, 98 Merit and 224 Participation. In addition, 3 of our Marists did our school proud by clinching the medals for the Secondary 1 and Secondary 3 levels. The medal is awarded to the top student(s) in Singapore for each level. The medal winners are:

No. Name Class
1. Gerald Tan 1C
2. Wang Zesong 3B
3. Aynsley Lee 3G

They will be receiving their medals at RELC International Hotel on 6 November 2015. Congratulations to our Marists once again!