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Celebrating SG50

The SG50 celebrations in Maris Stella High (Sec) sought to bring students and staff down memory lane and revisit some of the unique traits of being Singaporean. In addition, the activities also sought to help Marists to critically evaluate what we can do as individuals and as a team to bring about progress in Singapore for the next 50 years.


The celebrations kicked off in late July where students penned down their wishes for Singapore and these messages were displayed on a special display board in the canteen for all to view. Students were also given an opportunity to connect with the past as they engaged in the Kampung Games Challenge during recess, with chap-teh, "upsized" pick-up sticks and an adapted version of the popular “national flags” eraser game.


Stories about Singapore’s pioneer leaders were also shared during morning assembly as we remember the contributions they made to move Singapore from being a Third World country to First World nation in 50 years.


On 6 August 2015, the students engaged in a mass display creation using balloons to highlight the importance that as individuals, we all play in part in creating a successful Singapore. 1500 students worked hand in hand with staff to decorate the school with 14000 balloons and create the ballon display "SG50, MSHS". In addition, many utilized the LEGO sets distributed to all students to to create what they want for Singapore in the next 50 years. During the finale, familiar icons like the Sharity Elephant also joined in the celebration. The celebrations ended with a bang with the mass rendition of "Home".


Through the events, students learnt about determination and hard work that is necessary to create something special and unique. Playing their part as a team player, they understood that cooperation was essential if they want to succeed as a nation. Most importantly, they had a quick glimpse of how a seemingly impossible task, like creating a mass display with 14000 balloons in 1 hour, was made possible through hard work, determination and team work. Singapore seemed like an impossible task in 1965. But with the hard work, determination and team work of many, we have created a Singapore worthy of celebrating in 2015.