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ICAS Mathematics and Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) Competition 2014




A total of 973 participants from Sec 1 to 4 participated in the ICAS Mathematics 2014. We are pleased to announce that for this year, we have 25 Marists attaining Certificates of High Disctinction.


2 of our senior Marists did our school proud by clinching the medal for the Secondary 3 and Secondary 4 levels. The medal is awarded to the top student in Singapore for each level.


For the SMO Competition 2014, 299 participants took part in the Junior, Senior and Open sections. We are pleased to announce that 20 Marists attained Honourable Mention, 13 Marists attained Bronze, 4 Marists attained Silver and 1 Marist attained Gold.


This year, the Singapore Mathematical Society (SMS) changed it's SMO school ranking system to a criteria-based system. In the new system, schools were awarded points for the number of participants that registered and attampted the paper, as well as the number of Gold, Silver, Bronze awards and Honourable Mentions obtained by the students. The school was given an SMO School Award based on the total number of points achieved.


Our school achieved the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMP) Silver Award this year for Category 1, comprising of the SMO Junior (Lower Secondary) and Senior (Upper Secondary) sections.

Out of the 121 schools that competed under this catergory at the 2014 SMO competition, 6 schools attained the gold award, 6 schools attained the silver award, 12 schools attained the bronze award and 20 schools attained the participation award.