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Lent & Easter Programme in MSHS 2015







The theme for our Lent programme on Maundy Thursday was Mercy In The City. A play based on the gospel passage of Matthew 25: 34 - 40 was written and cast by the students themselves. Through the play, the school learnt about how they could show mercy to one another in the every day things that they do in school. After all, the bible tells us "Blessed are those who show mercy, for mercy shall be theirs." (Matt 5:7) Then, following in the footsteps of Jesus, we had the washing of feet which is the most humble form of serving each other. This year, we also had our friends from Tana RiverLife Foundation, Kenya who joined us in our lenten observance. We are especially thankful for the student musicians and singers who practised hard to provide the wonderful music, leading the school in praise and worship. The day ended with a beautiful meal shared among all Sec 4s and their teachers in the Agape Meal. The highlight on Easter Monday morning was the Easter puff treat for all Marists. A very Happy and Blessed Easter be upon all of us in our Marist family.