The Mathematics Department aims to:
  • Motivate Marists to learn Mathematics in a safe, nurturing and engaging environment;
  • Develop Marists into adventurous learners who are self-directed and responsible for their own learning;
  • Stimulate Marists to think creatively and critically when applying skills and concepts learnt in daily life; and 
  • Develop Marists into self-directed learners who are future ready; and
  • Equip Marists with good habits of mind through investigative and innovative problem-solving tasks.

To achieve the Department’s goals, the following programmes are offered:
  • 6-year Mathematics Curriculum – a close alignment of pedagogical practices, assessment practices and the Revised Mathematics Syllabus 2013 at each level
  • Making Thinking Visible Programme
  • Collaborative Learning and Open-Ended Tasks
  • P1 – P2 LSM Support
  • P3 – P6 Parallel (Small Group) Teaching
  • P4 – P5 E2K Math Programme
  • P4 – P6 Math Olympiad Training
  • P5 – P6 Enrichment/Supplementary lessons

Marists are given the opportunities to participate in the following competitions:
  • Singapore and Asean Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)
  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools (SMOPS)
  • RI Primary Math World Contest (RIPMWC)
  • NUS High Mathematics Olympiad Singapore (NMOS)