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Club Scout

The Cub Scout aims to: 
  • Inculcate the values of discipline, respect, trust and resilience;
  • Provide opportunities for Marists to work in teams;
  • Entrust each Marist with responsibilities in achieving their tasks; and
  • Develop the sense of empathy through serving the community.

To achieve the CCA’s goals, the following programmes are offered: 
  • Develop the sense of empathy through serving the community
  • Volunteer services to the elderly
  • Collaboration with other CCA groups to hone leadership skills and learn new skills from peers
  • Comprehensive training programme to equip our cub scouts with outdoor survival skills such as camp craft, outdoor cooking, basic first aid and pioneering
  • Wildlife and nature programme
  • Scout proficiency badges in basic Scouting skills and achievements in areas such as camp craft, citizenship and improving the environment

Marists are given the opportunities to participate in the following competitions: 
  • South Area Campfire Car Rally

Marists have performed well in the following competitions: 
  • Junior Health Trooper and STAR Trooper Badge
  • Akela Award 2017

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