The ICT Department aims to:
  • Develop 21st Century Competencies skills among our Marists;
  • Nurture Marists to apply logical reasoning and algorithmic thinking in analysing problem situations and developing solutions;
  • Teach Marists to develop simple programmes through the use of appropriate programming languages;
  • Develop Marists to integrate the use of software and hardware to create new artefacts, address real-world problems and perform tasks;
  • Develop Marists’ understanding on how and where information communications technology (ICT) is used in daily life; and
  • Nurture Marists’ awareness in ethical, social and economic issues associated with ICT.

To achieve the Department’s goals, the following programmes are offered:
  • MSHS 2-year Upper Secondary Computing Curriculum
  • Python Programming

Marists have performed well in the following competitions:
  • National Software Competition 2019-2021 (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Design Thinking with Robotics and Computational Thinking International Competition 2019-2021 (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Honourable Mention)
  • IMDA Amazon Web Services DeepRacer League 2021 (9th place)