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Food and Consumer Education

The Food & Consumer Education Department aims to:
  • Develop Marists to be health-conscious and discerning consumers; and 
  • Enable Marists to better manage their lives for the present and the future. The focus is on how individuals and families can optimise their resources of food, finance and time to meet their physical, mental, social and economic needs. 

To achieve the Department’s goals, the following programmes are offered:
Food Studies
  • Students will learn the importance of having a Healthy Diet through good meal planning and make connections between food choices and diet-related diseases. 

Consumer Studies
  • Students will learn how to manage their money and resources through identifying their needs and wants as well as formulating and managing a budget plan.  

Consumer Awareness
  • Students will learn about consumer rights and responsibilities and how to seek redress when goods or services purchased are damaged or unsatisfactory. It is also important for students to be smart shoppers who know where to obtain information on products and services.

Practical lessons in the kitchen
  • They will be taught how to prepare various dishes that incorporate different methods of cooking and culinary skills. At the end of Secondary 1, students will create and design quality food products by applying Critical and Inventive Thinking, an important 21st Century skill.