The Humanities Department aims to: 
  • Inculcate in Marists a love for the Humanities subjects; and 
  • Develop Marists to be critical and independent thinkers prepared to face the globalised world while remaining rooted in Singapore.

To achieve the Department's goals, the following programmes are offered:
  • Lower Secondary Humanities (History & Geography)
  • Upper Secondary Humanities (Social Studies, Elective Geography & History, Geography & History)
We adopt an Inquiry-Based Learning Approach in our teaching of the Humanities. It consists of four main areas of inquiry:


In the study of Humanities, our students are actively engaged in inquiry. This is best seen in a component called Geographical & Historical Investigations (GI and HI respectively).

In addition, we work with the Student Development Committee to come up with a series of Learning Journeys that have their anchor in Humanities topics and concepts. Some of the Learning Journeys we have completed include:
  • NEWater Learning Journey
  • Madame Tussauds Museum
  • Resilience Trails
  • Parliament House Visits

Marists are given the opportunities to participate in the following competitions:
  • Mock United Nations Conferences
  • National Stamp Competition
  • Raffles Humanities Competition
  • NUS Geography Challenge
  • Tourism Competition