The Music Department aims to:
  • Broaden and challenge student's perception of what music is and can be;
  • Provide Marists with a platform to perform and develop their existing music skills; and
  • Engender among Marists a spirit of collaboration towards achieving macro goals.

To achieve the Department’s goals, the following programmes are offered:

Lower Secondary Music Curriculum
  • Instrumental Studies: Learning the Keyboard and Guitar in a pop-band setting
  • Collaborative projects: Arrange and Perform Music in a pop band context
  • Creative Modules: Song-writing project and Samplebot Project (Manipulation of everyday sounds on the iPad to create music)

O-Level Music (Upper Secondary Music Programme)
  • Students will be exposed to three aspects of Musical Development: Creating, Performing and Listening;
  • Creative Tasks include learning how to operate and navigate music software and equipment;
  • Individual and Ensemble playing is incorporated in the curriculum and students are given opportunities to relook performance practices and perform publicly;
  • The listening component exposes students to different genres of music. Namely Western Classical Music, Music from Popular Culture, Jazz Music and Music from China, India, Indonesia as well as selected parts of Asia; and
  • This programme is offered in-house and eligible students will not need to travel to another school to attend lessons for this subject.

Music Elective Programme (MEP)
  • Students interested in this programme can visit this website for more details.