The Student Development Team plans and implements our 10-year Marcellin Way programme to achieve our Marist student outcomes.  The Marcellin Way, anchored on Marist values and the Marist style of education, are experiences that seek to build the character of Marists.  These values and qualities were expressed in the life and experiences of Saint Marcellin Champagnat who started the Marist Brothers in 1817.  The effort and perseverance of our school’s founder Brother Chanel Soon and our early pioneers are immortalised in our school motto          . Our Marist values and school motto continue to be relevant in an ever-changing and dynamic world. They define our philosophy, beliefs and approach to education. We teach our students with and about compassion and love, the cornerstone of our Catholic faith.  Indeed, the Marcellin Way programme promotes in our students a life of Faith, Vision and Service to others.

Marist VIA

There are two main programmes, namely Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) and Faith Formation. Through these two programmes, the authentic learning experiences aim to inculcate values and build competencies that will mould Marists to be good individuals, with the tenacity and adaptability to navigate the unknown future, and who are of service within school and the wider community.

To achieve these goals, the following programmes are offered:

CCE Curriculum

The CCE curriculum consists both weekly class-based CCE lessons, as well as key Student Development Experiences, which provide students with rich and authentic opportunities for CCE beyond the classroom.

These Student Development experiences include the following:

 Understanding different Faiths

Values in Action (VIA) experiences

VIA experiences aim to develop Marists to become socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills via service activities and VIA project learning experiences.

To give greater focus to students acquiring values through service, Marists are encouraged to identify and understand the community issues, and initiate action among their peers to make a difference and improve the lives of others.

To provide opportunities for Marists to engage with various community sectors, each level has a different focus and experience:

Sec 1: Care for the environment

Sec 2: Serving the elderly at St Theresa's Home

Sec 3: Class-initiated projects with various community sectors (Elderly, Children with special needs etc)

Sec 4: Level-wide community project (e.g. community sports event for the seniors - Goldympics 2019)

Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

Education and career guidance aims to nurture Marists' self-awareness, self-directedness and lifeskills to set realistic goals, to continually learn and add value in their future workplace.

It also enables Marists to explore viable education and career options through discussions of industry trends and developments in ECG lessons.

Two key ECG experiences include the 'Day X' experience for Sec 2 and Career Cafe or Sec 4, where speakers from various industries are invited to share their work experiences.

Cyber Wellness Education

Cyber Wellness Education focuses on the well-being of Marists as they navigate cyberspace, helping them to be responsible digital learners. The curriculum aims to equip them with the knowledge and skills to harness the power of ICT for positive purposes, maintain a positive presence in cyberspace and be safe and responsible users of ICT.
In addition to in-class lessons and discussions, the student leaders, who are also advocates of cyber wellness, organise school-wide sharings and activities to promote cyber wellness among their peers.

Cohort Camps

A key boy-centric experience for all Marists is the Cohort Camps. Camps  promote self-discovery and are good platforms for Marists to step out of their comfort zone, develop teamwork, resilience, and adaptability. The focus of each camp is different, tailored to meet the needs of Marists at each developmental stage. The Cohort Camps utilise a kinaesthetic boy-centric approach to ensure optimised learning. Secondary 3 Marists go through the nation-wide MOE Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) Challenge Programme, which provides them with the opportunity to interact with peers from other schools. Secondary 4 Marists go through a Youth Commitment Workshop to strengthen their mindset to overcome setbacks and motivate themselves towards success, equipping them with personal and life skills important for their future pathways.

Student Leadership

At MSHS, we believe that all Marists can be a leader based on his unique blend of abilities, dispositions and talents. As such, we belief that every Marist should be developed as a leader, to have the confidence and initiative to manage himself and make a positive difference to others, the community and the nation.

All Marist Student Leaders are encouraged to develop their leadership skills in order to support fellow students and to benefit the wider community. Opportunities to develop these qualities are provided through a range of learning experiences, both in their everyday school life and in targeted leadership programmes encouraging students to build their own sense of themselves as leaders keeping Marist values central.

Our student leaders are called to action each day, by being firmly grounded in the Marist values and the five practices of exemplary leadership, as Values-Driven, Service-Oriented Leaders of Faith, Vision and Service.

Faith Formation

As a Catholic school, we are guided by the Marist values and ethos. The Faith Formation experiences aim to develop Marists to be gentlemen with a strong sense of spirituality and belief, and to emulate the values exemplified by Mother Mary. Click on this link to find out more about the Faith Formation experiences offered at Maris Stella High.